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Belgian Beer Festival 2018 in Hanoi

Belgians are proud people, even though they would not boast blatantly open towards other people, and as much as they try to berate things they don’t like about their country, they also do like to defend some parts of our culture that are worth defending.

If one is to think about Belgium and its (in)famous traits and culture, one would definitely mention the complicated political landscape, the atomium or the small statue of manneken pis. But what makes Belgians stand out the most is their deep and profound love for food and beverages. Many people know the waffles, or well known french fries (and every single time a Belgian will say they are actually Belgian fries, and not French), chocolate, or even the mussels are quite famous. But what makes Belgians the most proud of their identity is the rich culture and history of its beers.

From the regular but world famous lager Stella Artois to the fruit beers or even Westvleteren, a trappist beer which won the label of best beer in the world multiple times,  Belgian beers are quite popular and famous and many breweries worldwide produce beers inspired by the old Belgian traditional ways.

The Belgian beer culture is so important that regulary beer festivals are held place in places all around Belgium and even abroad. Vietnam is no exception to this as this Friday the 4th annual Belgian Beer Festival Hanoi is organised by Belux Cham.

Vietnam Visa Easy will be attending this cheerful opportunity to try out some Belgian beers and we hope to meet you there as well!

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More information about the event down below:


Belgian Beer Festival Hanoi 2018
March 30th, 2018
From 6:00pm til 11:00pm
American Club – 21 Hai Ba Trung, Trang Tien, Hanoi, Vietnam
85 Belgian Beers at your choice with good food and non – stop live music
Entrance Fee: 400.000VND/pax – including 1 Belgian Beer and 1 Food
Pre-sales: 300.000VND (before 29/03/2018)


Where to buy tickets in Hanoi? 

Entrance TICKETS are NOW AVAILABLE in Hanoi FROM 13/03/2018:
– TOP CHEF RESTAURANT: 162A Hoang Hoa Tham Street/Tel: +84 9 8898 1713 or +84 9 8702 8927
– BELGIUM EMBASSY: Floor 9, Hanoi Tower, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street/Tel: +84 24 3934 6179
– EUROCHAM: Room 8, Floor 3, Horizontal Towers, 40 Cat Linh Street/Tel: +84 24 3715 2228
– CEEC VIETNAM: Unit 8, Floor 3B, Horizontal Towers, 40 Cat Linh Street/Tel: +84 24 3715 2224
– ICHAM: Casa Italia, 18 Le Phung Hieu Street/Tel: +84 24 3824 5997
– CCFIV: Floor 3, Horizontal Towers, 40 Cat Linh Street/Tel: +84 24 3715 2229
– BOYDENS ENGINEERING: Floor 14, Geleximco Building, 36 Hoang Cau Street/Tel: +84 24 3519 0808
– NORDCHAM: Unit 8, Floor 3B, Horizontal Towers, 40 Cat Linh Street/Tel: +84 24 3715 2228
– BEDGASM HOSTEL: 32A Nha Chung Street/Tel: +84 24 3266 9468
– MIRAI SUSHI & SAKE: 2D Quang Trung Street/Tel: +84 9 3881 1558
– MIRAI SUSHI & SAKE: N04 UDIC Complex, Hoang Dao Thuy Street/Tel: +84 9 8101 1558
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