Vietnam Travel Guide

Which islands in Vietnam you can visit without permission?

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Out of over two thousands of islands along the coast of Vietnam, a handful of them have great potentials to develop tourism, yet only some of those foreign tourists can visit without a permit. Vietnam government is little too serious about security even in most recent years. There is military post in almost all big island, inhabited or uninhabited. Vietnamese …

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Teaching English in Vietnam


Teaching English must be the most in-demand job to expatriates in Vietnam. The country is rapidly developing and everyone is learning languages, besides Vietnamese, English is also officially taught in schools. Nowadays, kids in Vietnam started their English classes even before going to primary schools. It’s a competitive business and you might have some difficulty to find job here. But good …

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First time trying durian – what was your reaction?

Our newly posted video has become a hot topic on Facebook just over the night. These two foreign friends were treated with the famous native Southeast Asia fruit – durian by a local and even more thrilling, they haven’t tried it before, like ever. And their reactions, as shown in the video below, were quite hilarious. 3 night makets in …

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Go Off-the-beaten-track in Pu Luong


If someone asks me whether Thanh Hoa is a great place to travel, it wouldn’t be an easy yes or no. For first-time travelers to Vietnam, Thanh Hoa is definitely NOT an option because it doesn’t have any major tourist site, except for the world heritage Ho Citadel which is promoted rather poorly. Thanh Hoa has a beach, but Sam …

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How to buy the best couture clothing in Hoi An


One of the things that make Hoi An a famous tourist destination world-wide is the skillful tailors. Making clothes is not a new business here; in fact you can trace the origin of the practice of this craft dated back to generations ago. Not just the women, the craftsmen in Hoi An are the masters who can copy any designs …

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What to do in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet


Binh Thuan is a South Central Coast province, with a provincial city Phan Thiet which is 200 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh city in northeast, 250km from Nha Trang city in the south, 1518km from Hanoi. Binh Thuan has a coastline of 192km from Chet Rock of Ninh Thuan to Binh Chau mudflat of Ba Ria Vung Tau. Mui …

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Kitesurfing in Mui Ne


Vietnam has some best spots for Kitesurfing. One of which is even claimed as the ‘hub’ of kitesurfers in the whole Asia – Mui Ne has 230 days with winds over 12 knots, lot of beaches, sunlight and sands. Mui Ne is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam with stunning scenery and rich Champa cultural influence. …

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Is Ho Chi Minh City a safe destination for traveling?


We’ve heard quite a few times from foreigners the concerns about Ho Chi Minh City’s security with the question “is HCMC a safe place to travel?”. In this article, we try to find most objective answers possible for this question. Related: Saigon – “Pearl of the Orient” Some little facts about the city “Sai Gon” is the old name of Ho …

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Water Sports and Activities in Nha Trang


Nha Trang has the best beaches in Vietnam, there is no doubt. But not just the beaches are absolutely stunning but the clean environment, and the diversity in services and activity that make Nha Trang stand out. The article below will introduce you some detailed information on the various water sports and activities available in Nha Trang. Related:  Kitesurfing in Mui …

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Vietnam Regional Noodle Soups

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Beside the well-known Pho, there are many more kinds of soup that are not as popular but just as flavorful, delicious and healthy. Each region in turn has to its own a variation of a particular dish with distinctive features and taste, making Vietnamese cuisine so diverse. North Vietnam Pho Nowadays, you can easily find Pho from luxury restaurants to …

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