Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam Regional Noodle Soups

pho bo vietnam visa on arrival

Beside the well-known Pho, there are many more kinds of soup that are not as popular but just as flavorful, delicious and healthy. Each region in turn has to its own a variation of a particular dish with distinctive features and taste, making Vietnamese cuisine so diverse. North Vietnam Pho Nowadays, you can easily find Pho from luxury restaurants to …

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First Book Street in Ha Noi


19/12 street which was once a noisy, crowded parking lot for motorbikes and cars now has turned into the first book street ever in Hanoi. The new street is a great destination for not only book lovers but also those who want to enjoy your time at an urban-styled, quiet and beautiful place. To uphold the reading book culture, from …

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Travel guide to Dalat


Dalat  is 300 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, a wonderful destination for both of domestic and international tourists. On the altitude of around 1500 meters above sea level, the year-round pleasant weather has made Dalat become a perfect place to stay in the Central Highlands. If you are planning a travel to Dalat, read the following guide to …

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New public bicycle sharing for free in Ho Chi Minh city


From 21st April 2017, Department of Transportation has announced a new service with aim to encourage local citizens using public transportation means and to provide tourists a safe method to travel within the city. As planned, around the city center, there will be numerous bike-sharing stations where you can borrow a bike to travel short-distance trips like between bus-stops. Casual …

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Tips on Motorbike Taxi in Vietnam


“Xe Om” which literally means “motorcycle hug”, a motorcycle taxi service that is very common in Southeast Asian countries. “Hug”, in fact, stands for the sitting position at the back of the motorbike, not for hugging the driver or such behaviors that people often misunderstand of the word. Taxi is safer, public bus is safer and cheaper but they have …

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Nightlife in Danang


Han River and Bach Dang street are where you can enjoy to the fullest the fun, dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of Da Nang at night. We’ve created a detailed list of all things to see and do when the night falls in Da Nang. Related: DANANG TRAVEL GUIDE Sightseeing Love Bridge and “Carp Turns into A Dragon” Statue The two places are …

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Explore Hoi An: Food Specialties


Hoi An is well known as a best place for foodies when come to Vietnam. There are thousands of delicious things to fill your stomach and most of them are very cheap. Let’s check our list below. Related: Hoi An Travel Guide Com Ga (Chicken Rice) Com Ga or chicken rice isn’t originated from Hoi An but the locals had made …

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Ninh Binh – the King Kong Skull Island


Are you ready for the upcoming King Kong Skull Island movie? This time it was filmed at Ninh Binh, Vietnam – where Trang An landscape complex has been recognized as a dual world heritage. Has been called “Halong bay on land” for a long time, Ninh Binh really deserves a new name for its distinctive natural beauty as well as …

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Best Paragliding Places in Vietnam


Paragliding is quite a new sport in Vietnam which requires money, time and a lot of technical skills. Vietnam has much potential to develop and promote paragliding since it has very supportive weather, topographic diversity and magnificent scenery from north to south. Related: Scuba Diving in Nha Trang This article will introduce you all the best places to fly in …

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Hai Phong Travel Guide

cat ba town

Hai Phong is another city just like Hanoi and Saigon that has significant French influence on the city’s layout and architecture. People might know about Hai Phong’s tourism for its renowned Cat Ba island, or Do Son beach, or just a stop on there way to Ha Long bay. However, the center city of Hai Phong which maybe deemed unpopular …

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