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Join Photography Contest with Vietnam Visa Easy to get BIG prizes


We are proudly presenting to you our very first Photography Contest: Together We Travel the World. Share your most beautiful travelling moments of you and your loved ones to win many presents from Vietnam Visa Easy! What are you waiting for? Join us now to get big prizes! From 7th September to 14th September, all you just need to do is …

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Tips on your trip to Fansipan


Fansipan is called “the roof of Indochina”, the highest peak in Indochina as well as in Vietnam with height of 3143m. The mountain is belonged to Hoang Lien Son range, located 9km away from Sapa town on the southwest. There are up to 1680 species of flora, some of them are precious and 327 fauna species. Fansipan and Hoang Lien …

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Beware of Dengue Fever Outbreak in Vietnam


Dengue occurs year-round in Vietnam and SEA, with peak usually in rainy seasons, April to October in the north and June to December in the south. However, in 2017, Dengue has become an outbreak in many provinces and cities across the countries. Most affected areas include: An Giang, Bing Duong, Da Nang, Dong Nai, Dong Thap, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh …

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Are Vietnamese people really hostile towards foreign tourists?

vietnamese people

On the following of the incident happened in late July where a bus driver’s assistant of Viet Nhat Travel (Nha Trang) forced two female foreign passengers to leave the bus, part of which was recorded on mobile phone by a Taiwanese tourist who also took the same bus, we have received mixed opinions on the topic. In majority, many shared …

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Truth on two female foreign tourists forced to get out of bus incident


On July 26th night, a tourist from Taiwan posted on her Facebook 3 videos showing a group of other foreign tourists in Nha Trang were being yelled at by the driver’s assistant, their belongings were thrown out of the bus and eventually they were forced to get out of the bus. She also shared that she bought bus ticket from …

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A Guide to Co To Island


  Co To archipelago belongs to Quang Ninh province, is one of the most beautiful destination of the north Vietnam. Co To Island is 22 kilometers from land and can only be reached by boats. The archipelago including the biggest island Big Co To and many other smaller islands has an old name “Chang Son” which means Chang mountain, an …

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Which islands in Vietnam you can visit without permission?

binh ba island vietnam visa online

Out of over two thousands of islands along the coast of Vietnam, a handful of them have great potentials to develop tourism, yet only some of those foreign tourists can visit without a permit. Vietnam government is little too serious about security even in most recent years. There is military post in almost all big island, inhabited or uninhabited. Vietnamese …

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Teaching English in Vietnam


Teaching English must be the most in-demand job to expatriates in Vietnam. The country is rapidly developing and everyone is learning languages, besides Vietnamese, English is also officially taught in schools. Nowadays, kids in Vietnam started their English classes even before going to primary schools. It’s a competitive business and you might have some difficulty to find job here. But good …

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First time trying durian – what was your reaction?

Our newly posted video has become a hot topic on Facebook just over the night. These two foreign friends were treated with the famous native Southeast Asia fruit – durian by a local and even more thrilling, they haven’t tried it before, like ever. And their reactions, as shown in the video below, were quite hilarious. 3 night makets in …

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Go Off-the-beaten-track in Pu Luong


If someone asks me whether Thanh Hoa is a great place to travel, it wouldn’t be an easy yes or no. For first-time travelers to Vietnam, Thanh Hoa is definitely NOT an option because it doesn’t have any major tourist site, except for the world heritage Ho Citadel which is promoted rather poorly. Thanh Hoa has a beach, but Sam …

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