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The importance of company’s Legal Representative

Under the laws of Vietnam on enterprise, a legal representative of an enterprise plays an important role in the company operation because civil transactions entered into and performed with third parties by the legal representative in accordance with his/her scope of authority shall bind and give rise to the rights and obligations of the enterprise. The legal representative of an …

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Helpful Vietnamese phrases for travelers

Vietnam is a worthwhile visiting country due to its picturesque landscapes, delicious food, hospitable people and low living cost. However, in the place where most of people can’t speak English, it’s best for you to learn some survival Vietnamese phrases to make the most of your trip in Vietnam. In this post, you will learn 60 useful phrases that will …

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Vietnam Airlines offering free in-town check-in service

Effective from October 12th, all passengers of Vietnam Airlines have option to check in inside the city to save waiting time at airport. The in-town check-in service is provided by Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Limited. Accordingly, the passengers are allowed to check-in for flights at the stations from 2 hours to 12 hours in advance of departure time. At …

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Golden Bridge-where nature meets wow

Danang always ranks top most visited destination in Vietnam for great food, beautiful landscapes and now its position is consolidated once again by the presence of Golden Bridge, a pedestrian bridge nestled at Thien Thai garden of the Sun World Ba Na Hill Resort. Opened to the public in early June 2018, the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills has quickly …

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Travel trip: From Hue to Hoi An

During October 2017 I went on a trip with a friend from Hue to Hoi An as people always say these cities are highlights you should visit when travelling in Vietnam. As there was no time to spare and wanting to get as much out of the trip as possible, we decided on going to Hue by plane. The plan …

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Vietnam Regional Noodle Soups

Beside the well-known Pho, there are many more kinds of soup that are not as popular but just as flavorful, delicious and healthy. Each region in turn has to its own a variation of a particular dish with distinctive features and taste, making Vietnamese cuisine so diverse. North Vietnam Pho Nowadays, you can easily find Pho from luxury restaurants to …

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Nightlife in Danang

Han River and Bach Dang street are where you can enjoy to the fullest the fun, dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of Da Nang at night. We’ve created a detailed list of all things to see and do when the night falls in Da Nang. Related: DANANG TRAVEL GUIDE Sightseeing Love Bridge and “Carp Turns into A Dragon” Statue The two places are …

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Mud-bathing in Vietnam

Vietnam has them all: hot springs, mineral spring and mud-bath sites all across the country. Mud-bathing is not something new in Vietnam. In fact, many tourist sites have developing this kind of service at Central and South of Vietnam. Mud-bathing in Vietnam is not only an effective therapy but also very entertaining. Why mud-bathing Question is why not? First and …

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Markets in Vietnam

The most frequent thing you would encounter in Vietnam is no other than market. There are a lot of markets, almost in every corner in the streets of Vietnam. Market is where Vietnamese people eat, trade, and talk. All these actions happen on open streets. There might be a prejudice that these markets are dirty, noisy or complicated places. Actually, …

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Forbes: Vietnam as one of the cheapest destinations in 2017

vietnam mosaic of constrast

If you haven’t decided yet, and have not applied for a visa, why not consider Vietnam as your next destination in this year 2017? The famous Forbes just released a list of 30 low-cost places to travel this year and Vietnam is one of them. Vietnam was chosen by Marybeth Bond, a National Geographic writer, author and the founder of …

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