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overstay on the 15 "free days"

Hi i've soon been in Vietnam for the 15 days that i am allowed to without a visa.. my question is what the fine will be if i stay 16 days instead of 15, thus leaving one days after the date in my passport ..?? thanks

  • 05:12:52 12-27-2013
  • astrid
  • Helen Queen support

    Dear Astrid,

    Thank you for contacting,

    Per our experience, there will be no problem for one-day overstay. Please do not worry at all. However, if you stay in the country over than two days, the fine will be applied. For more than 5-day overstay, you might be denied to exit the country and have to go to the immigration department to explain about the case and be listed in the blacklist of the immigration.

    We do hope the information is clear and helpful for you.

    Kind regards,