tips to travel alone in vietnam

Tips for Solo Travelers in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a lovely country for solo travelers: it’s cheap, safe and there’s so plenty to see and do. If you prefer travelling to Vietnam alone, let’s take a look at some our tip269s below:

Petty crime

Petty crime happens everywhere, and Vietnam is not an exception. As a tourist, you’ll be an obvious target for bad people. The pickpockets and thieves are always looking for naive and distracted tourists, who don’t have their eye on their belongings. Pickpockets almost always work in groups. One of them will do something to distract you while another tries to steal from you. Some thieves will drive up on a motorbike from behind you and snatch a bag.

tips for solo travelers in vietnam
Tip: Keep your bag and camera in front of you and hold them close to your body.Be aware of your surroundings and possessions. Avoid carrying a camera or sunglasses on a strap around your neck in public areas.


crossing the street in vietnam
Traffic in Vietnam is hectic, disorganized, loud, and congested. Streets are choked with most motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, bicycles… Traffic moves on the right, although drivers frequently cross to the left to pass or turn. Drivers don’t stay in their lanes and often swerve. If you need a tutorial for crossing the streets before visiting Vietnam, follow the steps below:

  • Be confident
  • Look in the direction of the source of traffic and enter the street.
  • Walk slowly in a straight line. Keep your head up and eyes toward coming traffic. Put your arm in the air will make you more visible to traffic and the drivers may look out for you accordingly
  • Don’t expect the drivers to stop in the flow of traffic, they will simply slow down and move around you.
  • If you fail these steps, just look for a friendly local that looks like they know what they are doing and walk alongside them.


We’ve all heard the stories about Vietnam scams. But, don’t let it put you off visiting Vietnam. If you know what to look out for, you can relax and enjoy many things in the country.

taxi scam vietnam
Taxi scam: In order to avoid being overcharged by fake taxi drivers, you should get a cab of trustworthy brands, like Mai Linh (the Green Taxi), Vinasun or Taxi Group. When you walk out of the airport, look for specific taxi chains that use metered taxis. Never agree to a fixed rate, and always ask them to use the meter before you get into the car.

street vendors vietnam
Street vendors: Whenever you walk in touristic areas, especially in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, streets vendors will approach you and offer to buy fruits to souvenirs with an unreasonable price. Sometimes they can cause so much trouble and annoyance. Another way, they will invite you to take a photo with them. After that, they will demand a fee or tip, or insist you buy their stuff. Some vendor children pretend to be the disabled or orphans and ask for mercy. Beggars may also join this force to disturb you. In this case, a firm but polite “No” will work. Or you just pretend you can’t understand what they say and walk away quickly.

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