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About Us is a reliable Visa-on-arrival portal in Vietnam which entrusted by thousands for providing foreign tourists and businessmen with Vietnam visa on arrival every year. It provides clients with the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get a visa for Vietnam.

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Who are we? was founded by Helen Queen and Charles Nelson, who are enthusiastic in spreading the image of Vietnam to people across the world. As we yearn to create the most favourable condition for foreign visitors when applying for Vietnam visa, has been our successful portal providing travellers with the easiest and most reliable visa online service

Keep in mind our slogan: "Customer service is first priority" – It is our commitment that customers will not be misguided about visa information such as processing times, fees or visa charges, and that we will act on your behalf to work with immigration authorities in order to acquire your approval letter as soon as possible.


How to know that a VOA is not a scam

The first place to look for is the business licence issued by the Vietnamese government. Our Business licence number is. No. 0105846047There is some unnecessary confusion surrounding Visa on Arrival services. Of course one needs to be aware of online transactions, and why does a private company do this immigration. Well we can attest to the legitimacy of these companies with the National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10. It authorises private companies to help activities related to entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam. The National Ordinance was issued by the Standing Committee of Vietnam national Assembly on the 28 April, 2000, including 07 chapters and 26 articles stating specifically who is responsible for what in terms of Vietnam visa issuance, who can and how to get a visa to enter Vietnam. We take pride with being authorised to help foreigners, so here are the relevant sections for you to read. Please feel free to double check. No tricks here.

Article 2.

1. Vietnamese agencies and organizations, Vietnam - based foreign agencies and organizations as well as international organizations, Vietnamese citizens and foreigners lawfully residing in Vietnam may invite foreigners into Vietnam.

2. Agencies, organizations and individuals that invite foreigners into Vietnam shall have to ensure the compliance with foreigners' entry purposes, ensure financial matters and their cooperation with the State bodies to settle arising problems for foreigners.

Article 5.

1. Agencies, organizations and individuals that invite foreigners into Vietnam shall send their written requests to the entry and exit management agency of the Ministry of Public Security or the consular office of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

2. A written request shall be replied within no more than 5 working days after the receipt of the request.

Article 6.

1. Foreigners applying for entry shall be granted visas at Vietnam's international border gates in the following cases:

  • They enter for funerals of their relatives, for visits to their seriously ill relatives
  • They depart from countries where Vietnamese diplomatic missions and/or consulates are not available
  • They enter for visits under programs organized by international tour enterprises of Vietnam;
  • They enter to provide urgent technical support for programs, projects; to give first-aid to seriously ill persons, accident victims; to provide rescue for victims of natural disasters and epidemics in Vietnam;
  • For other urgent reasons

Are we trustable?

So with you head muddled with legal jargon, but it is not the end of the story. Since you have never worked with us before, your doubt of our credibility still remains in your mind and won't go away on its own. All the VOA services get asked this question, and we appreciate that you're visiting Vietnam. It's a unique to any other place you have visited, with a different system and laws. We recognise your curiosity and can only now suggest you listen to our customers.. These are real people, you won't find them on any outsourcing job website for fake testimonials.

How we are different to other VOA?

We do try to deliver what we say, no surprises. We want you to come back. That is the basis of our customers, the ones that return. It's in our name, "Easy". Dealing with any government is hard work. We don't want you burdened with this difficulty. Let’s us do the hard work.

All of the customer service team speak English, you’re not going to find that with our competitor. You can give a phone call if you need to, we are there for you. That’s our difference; we want to make the process easy.

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