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visa in old passport

Good day, I am working in Vietnam, but came to my country, South Africa for holiday and to get a new passport. I am going back to Vietnam soon, but now my valid visa is in my old passport. I have been to the embassy to make sure it would be possible to enter Vietnam with both passports, but no one can give me a straight answer I hope you can help me. thanks

Luggage pick up during transit

When transferring in Ho Chi Minh airport I read that no Visa is required as long as you stay within the transfer area. How does it work with your luggage then? I will be changing airlines and cannot check my luggage through (FRA-SGN-REP). Is the baggage claim at Ho Chi Minh airport within the transit area? If not, how can you pick up your luggage without having a Visa?

Not leaving the airport

Hi I will travel to Vietnam, spend a couple of days there and then go on to Cambodia. I will then fly back from Siem Reap to Saigon Airport and on the same day fly onto Dubai- I will not be leaving the airport but I may need to collect my baggage. Will I pass immigration to collect my bags? Will I need a re-entry visa? Thank you

Transit in Hanoi. Two different companies. Do I need visa?

Hello. I Will get a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi by Jetstar Airways. I Will arrive at 4pm. At 1am next day I have a flight from Hanoi t� Manila by Cebu Airways. Do I need visa? To do the checkin in Cebu company. I dont plan to go outside Airport.

1.5 hours in vietnam before visa becomes valid.

Hi, Due to a flight change, My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Saigon at 10:30pm July 12, instead of July 13, but our visas begin July 13. That means we will have 1.5 hours of our visas not being valid. Will this be a problem?

valid vietnam visa on old passport

Dear Sir/ Madam, i have valid unused Vitnam visa on my old passport. Can i travel to Vietnam without endorsing to my new passport?

Are British citizens required a visa to Vietnam

Hi, I'm a British citizen, traveling to Hanoi, by plane. Going down Vietnam and through to Cambodia. Is it best to arrange a visa for Vietnam at the embassy in the uk before i go? Thanks

overstay on the 15 "free days"

Hi i've soon been in Vietnam for the 15 days that i am allowed to without a visa.. my question is what the fine will be if i stay 16 days instead of 15, thus leaving one days after the date in my passport ..?? thanks

Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians

Hi,I want to get a Visa on arrival to Vietnam from Australia to save money and to save me from sending my passport. I'm going in September but my friend said that I couldn't get a visa on arrival from Australia. Is that true? please help. Thanks

How to get Chinese tourist visa from vietnam

Hi, Now, I am travelling in Sapa with my gf. However, I was planing on going to china from Vietnam. So if it is possible to get a visa for china from Hanoi? I was originally planning on just taking trains from Hanoi to ShangHai with a transit visa, but if its easy to get a tourist visa for china I might end up staying I a little longer. Thanks for your help.

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