Vietnam suspended visa issuance for all countries as of March 18,2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will keep updated when the ban is lifted. If you need to extend the stay in Vietnam, please contact us via email, hotline, skype or online chat box. We wish you stay safe and strong

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visa in old passport

Good day, I am working in Vietnam, but came to my country, South Africa for holiday and to get a new passport. I am going back to Vietnam soon, but now my valid visa is in my old passport. I have been to the embassy to make sure it would be possible to enter Vietnam with both passports, but no one can give me a straight answer I hope you can help me. thanks

Luggage pick up during transit

When transferring in Ho Chi Minh airport I read that no Visa is required as long as you stay within the transfer area. How does it work with your luggage then? I will be changing airlines and cannot check my luggage through (FRA-SGN-REP). Is the baggage claim at Ho Chi Minh airport within the transit area? If not, how can you pick up your luggage without having a Visa?

Not leaving the airport

Hi I will travel to Vietnam, spend a couple of days there and then go on to Cambodia. I will then fly back from Siem Reap to Saigon Airport and on the same day fly onto Dubai- I will not be leaving the airport but I may need to collect my baggage. Will I pass immigration to collect my bags? Will I need a re-entry visa? Thank you

Transit in Hanoi. Two different companies. Do I need visa?

Hello. I Will get a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi by Jetstar Airways. I Will arrive at 4pm. At 1am next day I have a flight from Hanoi t� Manila by Cebu Airways. Do I need visa? To do the checkin in Cebu company. I dont plan to go outside Airport.

1.5 hours in vietnam before visa becomes valid.

Hi, Due to a flight change, My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Saigon at 10:30pm July 12, instead of July 13, but our visas begin July 13. That means we will have 1.5 hours of our visas not being valid. Will this be a problem?

valid vietnam visa on old passport

Dear Sir/ Madam, i have valid unused Vitnam visa on my old passport. Can i travel to Vietnam without endorsing to my new passport?

Are British citizens required a visa to Vietnam

Hi, I'm a British citizen, traveling to Hanoi, by plane. Going down Vietnam and through to Cambodia. Is it best to arrange a visa for Vietnam at the embassy in the uk before i go? Thanks

overstay on the 15 "free days"

Hi i've soon been in Vietnam for the 15 days that i am allowed to without a visa.. my question is what the fine will be if i stay 16 days instead of 15, thus leaving one days after the date in my passport ..?? thanks

Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians

Hi,I want to get a Visa on arrival to Vietnam from Australia to save money and to save me from sending my passport. I'm going in September but my friend said that I couldn't get a visa on arrival from Australia. Is that true? please help. Thanks

How to get Chinese tourist visa from vietnam

Hi, Now, I am travelling in Sapa with my gf. However, I was planing on going to china from Vietnam. So if it is possible to get a visa for china from Hanoi? I was originally planning on just taking trains from Hanoi to ShangHai with a transit visa, but if its easy to get a tourist visa for china I might end up staying I a little longer. Thanks for your help.