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Aiming to bring about a whole new experience to our clients, we would like to provide you with our various ranges of optional services, besides our visa on arrival at www, which are categorised in different packages and options. Your time at the airport will never be easier and more comfortable. All you need to do is relax and leave all the burden to us.

Basic options

Book any from these basic options and you will receive a Vietnam SIM card as complimentary from us.

1. Visa Stamping

This is a well-loved assistance service. Our clients deserve the peace of mind that we are able to expedite them through the entry procedures at the airport. Stamping Assistance is designed to save time, remove inconveniences and expedite the immigration procedures. Pay USD 21 for EACH (exclude stamping fee) and have our representatives as your personal assistant at the airport. Ore representative is in charge of completing the entry procedure and getting your passport stamped at the airport within a few minutes instead of waiting for a long queue at the Immigration counter.

Our service functions at three international airports in Vietnam applied to passengers of all flights.


Stamping Assistance Service is highly recommended for the following groups:

  • those who enter Vietnam the first time
  • those who need to speed stamping process up at Vietnam airport
  • those who enter Vietnam and bring kids along
  • those who travel in a big group
  • pregnant women
  • disabled people


Step 1:

Select Stamping Assistance Service item when applying for visa on arrival or apply later via email or on the phone.

Step 2:

Find our representatives with the welcoming board of your name right at the first step into immigration area. In case, you cannot find our representatives, please give us a call at hotline + (84) 966 53 93 63

Step 3:

Hand over required documents to our representatives in order to complete the entry procedures on your behalf. The documents include the visa approval letter, entry and exit form, passport, 01 photo and stamping fee in cash (USD 45/person for single entry, USD 65/person for 1 month multiple and USD 95/person for 3 month multiple entry visa)

Step 4:

Get your passport back with Vietnam Visa stamped within few minutes.

2. Connecting Flight

This service is designed to provide worry-free assistance to passengers who are concerned about time limit during flight connection. The service is broken down into 3 categories as shown below:
Transit Domestic - International International - Domestic
This service is recommended when passengers have transit in one of the three airports in Vietnam: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, and Da Nang airport. Passengers will find our staff with a board of their name at the first step into immigration area. We will help speeding up your check-in and transit procedures You have an international flight to catch but have to go through Vietnam domestic connection? No worry as our service staff at the airport will assist you in accelerating connecting progress which should consist of baggage reclaim, transferring to international terminal, check-in, passport control and custom, security check. All you need to do is book with us in advance. Vietnam's international airports but your destination is another one, and you have to take domestic connecting flights? Just book our service and no more worrying about being late for your flight. You will find our staff at the first step into immigration area and from there we will take care of your visa stamping, customs, baggage reclaim, transferring to domestic terminal, check-in, security and passport control.
USD 45 USD 45 USD 45

3. Car Pick-up

In order to provide more and more useful services for our clients, we offer Car Pick Up service from any Vietnam international airports to your concrete address in the city centre. Using the service, you will experience drivers who are careful and well-trained, which may help increase your feeling of safety and satisfaction to our service.


You will be offered a private car for your group with the appropriate number of seats and fee as follows:

Group Fee/group (USD) Type of car
1 pax $ 21 4 seated
2 pax $ 23 4 seated
3 pax $ 27 7 seated
4 pax $ 30 7 seated
5 pax $ 34 7 seated
6-12 pax $ 46 29 seated

4. Vehicles Rental

Worrying of traveling around Hanoi? Vietnam Visa – Easy is delighted to provide you with Vietnam's authentic transportation forms. There are three options offered to customers: taxi, motorbike rental, and moto taxi.

For your convenience, our taxi drivers and motor taxi riders will pick you up at your accommodation address and drop you at any places you wish to visit. Our transporters will then wait until you come back and take you to your next stops.

Small Taxi (3 persons) Big taxi (6 persons) Motor taxi (one rider and you) Motorbike(1-2 persons/motorbike and you will be the master of your vehicle)
Hour: 8am – 5pm
Max km: 50km
Hour: 8am – 5pm
Max km: 50km
Hour: 8am – 10pm
Max km: 50km
• Honda win (embrayage): US$12/day
• Automatic bike: US$ 8/day
• Manual bike: US$6/day
Hour: all day long, up to 24hrs
Gas expense is on you

We also provide taxi service for our customers arriving in or visiting Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Service fees stay the same as in Hanoi.

Vehicles rental booking can be made after your arrival in Vietnam when you deliberate you would need one.

5. Car to the Airport

You are in Hanoi, HCM city, or Da Nang and in need for a ride to the airport? Why not think of us?

To improve clients' satisfaction, we also operate high-quality taxiservice to the airport with reasonable price. Our taxi drivers will pick you up at your address in the city, give you a safe ride to the airport, and you will definitely not be late for your flight.

Service fee is applied as below:

Group Fee/group (USD) Type of car
1 pax $ 21 4 seated
2 pax $ 23 4 seated
3 pax $ 27 7 seated
4 pax $ 30 7 seated
5 pax $ 34 7 seated
6-12 pax $ 46 29 seated

6. Check-in Assistance

With customer-focused orientation, we aim to be a helpful hand to our clients even when you leave Vietnam or depart for domestic flights from Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, or Da Nang airport.

This service is a good choice for those who are in a rush. Our check-in assistance will support and advance you through check-in without waiting in a long queue.

Price : US$ 35/person.


Who doesn’t love McDonald’s combos? Bigger portion, better value. We are not exceptional, and that’s how we came up with the idea of combos.

Along with a free sim card, clients using one of the options from our combo packages will have 1-night free stay with a friendly Hanoian family. How wonderful is that? The family will host you, introduce Vietnamese culture, and give you some travelling tips in Vietnam.

Visa stamping + Luggage collection Visa stamping+ airport pick-up Stamping + luggage collection + pick-up
US$40 US$38 US$55
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