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Vietnam visa extension fee

vietnam visa extension fee

How much does it cost to extend a Vietnam visa is a common concern of every traveler when applying for a visa extension.

The extension fee varies greatly according to the following factors:

  • Nationality:
  • Visa validity:
  • Visa category: tourist or business visa, e-visa or visa on arrival
  • Port of entry:

Duration of extension: the minimum stay of extension is 15 days and the maximum is 90 days. Nevertheless, the 90-day extension is not always applicable to all tourist visas.

Now you get what information is needed to check the extension fee. Or you just need to throw a picture of the visa sticker to the agency. They will know what to do with it and give a quote shortly.

Generally, it is cheaper to extend a business visa than a tourist visa? Why? The answer is very simple. The government encourages businessmen to spend more time in researching the Vietnamese market and thereby make an investment.

Another frequently asked question is "Why it is so expensive to extend the visa for Vietnam?"- It is convenience. Getting the visa extended easily from the comfort of your home and flying out of Vietnam to renew the visa, which one would you choose? We don't deny that it's very cheap to apply for a new visa but considering the transport expenses, the total fee you have to pay is not cheap at all.

Some people claim that it costs only USD 10 to extend all visas. Actually, this is stamping fee, not processing fee. Whenever you obtain a visa or extend a visa, the stamping fee is required.

Applying for the visa extension in person at immigration office helps save money but it is not recommended to Vietnam business visa holders because these visas are mostly obtained through agencies without sponsorship of an employer. Thus, it is not good when you submit yourself to the immigration office and request a visa extension. In such cases, we sincerely advise you to contact the local travel agencies for extension assistance. Of course, they will charge a small service fee but you will get visa guarantee and peace of mind in exchange. If you are struggling to find a licensed travel agency to help you with the extension, Vietnam Visa Easy is a good choice with years of experience working in this field. For any feedback on our service, please visit our FB page. 

Even if you are not interested in using our Vietnam visa extension service, we are always happy and wiling to give free advice. Please feel free to contact us at or hotline: 0966 53 93 63.

Thank you very much for your time and wish you a happy day!

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