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Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam has so much to offer that makes it a not-to-be -missed destination in your journey: the price is cheap, the landscape is amazing, the locals are super-friendly and the food is extremely delicious. If you wish to have an unforgettable experience in Vietnam, the first move you should make is to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa either at an embassy or on arrival with the assistance of travel agents.

Under the visa exemption program, there are 16 countries whose nationals are permitted to enter Vietnam without a visa for a stay not exceeding 30 days. Please refer to this page to check the Vietnam tourist visa requirement first.

If you are required a tourist visa for Vietnam, do not be alarmed. The process of getting a visa turns out to be simpler than you think.

vietnam tourist visa

The Vietnam tourist visa validity

Vietnam visa validity refers to the length of time you are permitted to stay in Vietnam. It is the time period from the expected date of arrival on the application form to the visa expiration date as shown on the visa. The maximum validity of the Vietnamese tourist visa is 3 months.

Note: the tourist visa can be obtained by businessmen for short business trip. There is not any problem at all when you do that because the customs officer has no interest in your real purpose of the trip. 

Types of Vietnam tourist visas

Vietnam tourist visa can be issued on single and multiple entries. If you travel frequently with a multiple entry visa, you don’t have to apply for a new visa each time you travel to Vietnam. If you obtain a single entry visa, your visa will automatically get expired right after you exit Vietnam.

Vietnam tourist visa procedures

Applying for a tourist visa to Vietnam can be done in person or on-line depending on the mode of transport you use to enter Vietnam.

Enter by bus or cruise

All visitors entering Vietnam by bus or cruise are required to obtain a Vietnam travel visa at an embassy/consulate before reaching the border. The requirements (which may vary slightly from embassy to embassy) you have to submit are as follows:

·         Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months

·         Visa application form (available at embassy office)

·         01 recent passport-sized photo

·         Vietnam visa fee

Some embassies encourage the applicants to submit visa applications by post or email to avoid long queues. If you are unable to visit the embassy, contact the consular office in advance to check whether the postal application is acceptable.

Processing time:  3-5 business days since the date of receipt of application. Expedited visa processing is available upon request.

The list of Vietnam embassies including contact information can be found on this page.

Enter by plane

The visitors arriving in Vietnam by air are able to get a Vietnamese tourist visa either at an embassy or on arrival. In this case, the Vietnam visa on arrival facility is usually recommended as it’s hassle-free, less time-consuming and cheap.

 How Vietnam visa on arrival works?

1.       You fill out the visa application form online.

2.       You pay visa processing fee using your credit or debit card (see Vietnam visa cost)

3.       We send you the approval letter via email after 2 business days or on the same day depending on you use normal service or urgent service (visa approval letter is a travel document which gives you permission to check-in flight and to get visa stamped on passport at the airport)

4.       You hand over original passport, visa approval letter, completed entry-exit form, 01 passport photo and stamping fee to a customs officer for getting visa stamp at the arrival airport

Important notes:

·      Apply for your tourist visa at least one week before intended date of travel to avoid unexpected problems

·      Check your passport validity before applying for the travel visa

·      Double check for accuracy of your visa application form before submitting

·      Check for error on your visa or visa approval letter as soon as it is issued 

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