Steps to get Vietnam temporary residence card for foreign maids

In recent years, upper middle income Vietnamese families and expats keen to hire foreign maids to help them run the day-to-day house chores. The maids from Philippines are the most favorite because they are fluent in English, smart, adaptable, friendly, obedient…Finding a qualified maid is a matter, getting Vietnam temporary residence card (TRC) for foreign maids is another challenge. If you need someone to sort out this issue, let us take that honor.

We are able to arrange the TRC with and without sponsor of employer. Read on for further information about process.

The very first step of process is getting business visa (DN visa type). Once the maid arrives in Vietnam, we will continue to convert the visa to TRC. The maximum validity of TRC is 2 year. After 2 years, you can apply for extension of the card.

Get TRC without sponsor

Period 1. Apply for DN visa


  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Expected date of entry

Send the requirements to our email at [email protected] as application for business visa. We will shortly reply to your application with a payment link or bank account to transfer $85 visa fee. After 2 working days upon receipt of your fee, an approval by immigration department will be delivered via email. This approval is sufficient for the maid to enter Vietnam and collect visa stamp at any airports of arrival. The stamping fee charged on arrival is $25 for single entry or $50 for multiple entries.

(Important note: you MUST enter Vietnam through Ho Chi Minh’s airport to apply for temporary residence card. We are uncapable to process the card if you land at Hanoi’s airport.)

Period 2. Convert DN visa to TRC


  • 2x3 cm photos: 2 pcs
  • Valid passport of the maid
  • Processing fee: $720

We do offer free collection in the city center. If you live in the countryside or nearby provinces, please send the requirements directly to our office by post. Within 5-7 working days, we will deliver the TRC to your address. 

Get TRC with a sponsor

Note: Only applicable for companies in the South

Period 1: Apply for DN visa

Required documents:

  • Notarized business registration certificate
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Form NA2

Send application via email to [email protected] and receive visa approval after 3 working days. Processing fee of 3 months business visa is $85.

Period 2. Convert to TRC

Required documents:

  • Stamped copy of business registration certificate
  • Valid passport of the maid
  • 2x3 cm photo: 3 pcs
  • Form Na8
  • Form NA6
  • Appointment Letter
  • Processing fee: $750.

Our free collection is only available in city center area. Please submit the application in person or by post to our office if you live in remote areas or neighboring provinces.

Processing time: 5-7 working days.

The price might vary at different times. Please contact us directly for the latest visa fee and TRC fee.

If you still have any concerns about getting temporary cards for Filipino maids in Vietnam, please feel free to get in touch with us. Thank you very much for taking time reading our post.

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