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Vietnam Business Visa

GET VIETNAM BUSINESS VISA AT KNOCK-DOWN PRICE: To value and keep our dear customers satisfied,  for a second time within 12 months, we have decided to reduce the price for business visa. As of 15th April 2017,the price drops by 15% for short-term visas and by 30% for long-term visas. We believe that the price can be lower soon and we are doing the best to give you the greatest possible value. Please look at the table in this post for details about our new price.

Vietnam business visa, which is categorized as DN, LV, DT, is granted to those entering Vietnam for business purposes. The visa can be valid for up to 1 year with single or multiple entries. Except for businessmen from Visa Waiver Countries, all foreigners must apply for a business visa to do business or explore business opportunities in Vietnam.

Application guidance

There are always two options for businessmen to obtain the business visa:

(1) Apply at a Vietnam embassy/consulate  or,
(2) Apply online to receive the visa on arrival

These both ways are helpful but online application is preferable today as it’s more convenient, cheaper and faster. For business visa applied at embassies/consulate, the applicants are always required a letter of entry clearance from the Ministry of Public Security obtained by your business partner in Vietnam. Further details of the business visa process will be discussed below:


The requirements of business visa may be slightly various from embassy to embassy but most of them will require the following documents:

 Origin passport: your passport must be valid for at least 06 months according to the requirements of airlines. If there is no blank page on the passport, a loose-leaf visa will be issued.
•  Application form: the form is available for download at the official website of embassies. You can also get it directly at their office. The form must be completed, signed and attached with 01 passport photo.
•  Letter of entry clearance: the business partner in Vietnam will support you obtain this letter. You just need to provide them with your passport details, type of visa, proposed date of entry and name of the Vietnamese embassy/consulate you wish to collect the visa from. The letter will be issued after 5 business days.
•  Visa fee: each embassy/consulate gives different prices for each visa type. Please contact the nearest embassy to check the Vietnam business visa cost.

The application can be submitted in person or by mail. Processing time requires 5-7 business days excluding weekends and national holidays.

Visit here to get the address of Vietnamese embassies in countries.


Same valid but much easier, quicker and cheaper. That is what travelers talk about online application. Finding an agency offering online visa service is a piece of cake but selecting one agent that can guarantee your visa approval for affordable price is a matter. Therefore, make sure you are placing the application at a reliable company. We, Vietnam Visa Easy, are a trustworthy company with 8 years of experience working with immigration department. We promise to get your visa approved at the earliest. 100 percent of visa fee will be refunded in case of rejection.

How it works? You send an application by email to [email protected]and proceed with the payment through our secure link. Within 2-7 business days, we will email the approval letter with an entry/exit form. Next, you bring these documents with a valid passport and 01 passport-sized photo to arrival airport or embassy/consulate to receive the visa stamp.

Requirements for application

• Passport copy: only the page that contains your data.
• Proposed date of arrival: the visa becomes effective from this date. You are permitted to visit Vietnam anytime single/multiple entries during the period of visa validity. No restrictions on the length of days for each entry.
• If you would like to get the visa at a Vietnam embassy/consulate, please provide the address of the embassy.


From application is submitted till the visa stamp is granted, you have to pay 2 separate fees:

Processing fee: must be paid in full when you make the application. Each agent offers different prices for their service. The price varies according to the visa category, processing time and country of passport issuance. Below are our charges for processing an approval letter. If you need a receipt, please send a request to us via email.

Stamping fee: will be paid later when you arrive at the airport or embassy/consulate. Either USD or VND is accepted but payment must be made by CASH. The immigration officer will issue a red receipt after you pay stamping fee.

Business visa Normal Services (3 working days)

Urgent service

(1 working day)

Stamping fee
For Asians, Europeans,
and Latin-Americans
For Chinese,
Indians and
South Africa
For U.S
1 month single $65 $75 $65 plus $30 $25
1 month multiple $70 $80 $70 plus $30 $50
3 months single $95 $105 $95 plus $30 $25
3 months multiple $105 $115 $105 plus $30 $50
6 months multiple $259 $269 $170 plus $30 $95
1 year multiple $409 $429 $199 plus $30 $135

UPDATE IN MARCH, 2019 The 6 months and 1 year visas are temporarily not available for non-US citizens.

Long term business visa on arrival

Standard business visa approval letter for entry via airport

One approval is sent to you via email that shows your personal information and authorized length of stay

Another letter is faxed to Vietnam Embassy/Consulate 

Stamping at airport/embassy

The following are documents must be shown when you have the business visa stamped on arrival/airport:
Origin passport: should be valid for at least 6 months. Otherwise, the airlines will refuse you boarding the plane.
01 color photo: 2x2 inches in size, taken against white background
Print copy of visa approval
Completed entry-exit form (see instructions to fill out the entry-exit form)
Stamping fee (see table above)
When you get the visa stamped at the embassy office,  you may be requested to pay some service fees. Otherwise, the stamping may be delayed by several days.
The immigration officers at the airport sometimes raise difficulties to applicants for long-term visas; thereby, the stamping assistance service is necessary to avoid any trouble on arrival.
Every airport sets up a visible “Landing Visa/Visa On Arrival” counter. When you get to the counter, be prepared to hand over the above documents. Don’t forget to check for errors on the visa while you are still at the counter. 

Have questions about Vietnam business visa? Quickly contact us at +84 966 53 93 63 (Ms. Fiona) or email to [email protected]You can also contact via skype: vietnamvisaeasy. 


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