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Vietnam business visa for Indian nationals

According to the immigration law, Vietnam business visa for Indian passport holders are granted under the following circumstances:

•  Seek business opportunities
•  Set up industrial venture
•  Purchase or sell products
•  Attend meetings or conferences

However, in reality, even a tourist can apply for a business visa. We are capable of arranging a business visa approval to anyone without requirement of a sponsor.

vietnam business visa for indian nationals

Business visa approval 

Visa validity

The maximum period validity on a business visa is 12 months. You can choose to have a single entry or multiple entry for short-term business visas of no longer than 3 months. The long-term business visas are always issued with multiple-entry.

Please note that the Vietnamese immigration department already stopped issuing long-term business visa for Indian citizens since August, 2018. The longest Vietnam business visa you can request is 3 months.

Required information

1. Passport copy (only page containing your passport details)

2. Tentative travel date

3. Embassy contact: if you wish to get visa stamped at Vietnam embassy/consulate. If you do not provide the embassy information, we will assume you need a visa on arrival

4. State the visa validity you want

Steps to apply

First of all, please provide the above required information to our email address [email protected]. In minutes, we will response with a payment link. You must complete the payment to have the visa application processed by the immigration department.

A confirmation email will be sent shortly after the successful submission of payment. The standard processing time of an approval letter takes 2-3 working days (excluding national holidays and weekends). In case of emergency, we can reduce the processing to 1 working day for extra fee. 

Note: the visa approval becomes effective from the intended date of travel submitted in the application form, not from the date you apply for the visa. You are permitted to travel to Vietnam anytime while the visa is valid.

On arrival

Visa on arrival is provided at all Vietnamese international airports. This means that the visa will be given at any airport you land at.

Documents required for submission at immigration checkpoints

• Origin passport (Note: the passport must be valid longer than visa validity)
• Print copy of visa approval
• Completed entry-exit form (download here)
• 01 passport-sized photograph (if you don’t have a photograph, the immigration staff will take it for you upon arrival for $5)
• Stamping fee (must be paid by cash, either US. Dollars or Vietnamese dong is accepted)

There is usually a queue in front of the counter which can mean a wait of 10 minutes to one hour depending on how many flights have simultaneously arrived. If you feel uncomfortable standing in the queue, we are offering stamping assistance service for $22. 

At embassy

Getting visa stamped at the embassy using our approval requires the same documents and stamping fee. However, be aware that the embassy will not grant the visa stamp immediately unless you pay them some extra fee. So Visa on Arrival is highly recommended.

Fee structure

For short stay

Type of visa

2 working days

4 working days

Stamping fee

1-month single

USD 105

USD 75

USD 25

1-month multiple

USD 110

USD 80

USD 50

3-month single

USD 135

USD 105

USD 25

3-month multiple

USD 145

USD 115

USD 50

For long stay

Type of visa

7 working days

Stamping fee

6-month multiple

USD 269

USD 95

1-year multiple

USD 429

USD 135

Note: The long-stay visas are currently suspended. We will continue to update if they are resumed.

If you have any questions about getting the Vietnam business visa for Indian passport holders after reading the post, don’t hesitate to reach us for assistance. Thanks very much for visiting our site!

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