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Vietnam visa extension in Danang


vietnam visa extension in danang


Vietnam visa extension is an effective way to extend the time on your visa before the authorized stay expires. Likewise, Vietnam visa renewal also helps you to extend the stay a few months. Basically, a traveler can apply for visa extension or renewal to prolong the time in Vietnam without having to leave. So what makes them different? Look at the example below to see the difference.


A traveler wants to have more one month in Vietnam and he applies for an extension, he will be granted a new STAMP of 1 month SINGLE stay stating that he is allowed to stay from this date to that date.

Another traveler also wants to continue his stay for more than one month but he applies for visa renewal, the Immigration Department will issue a new visa STICKER for MULTIPLE entries valid for 1 month, which means he is permitted leave and come back to Vietnam in Vietnam several times.


So you get what I mean? For visa extension, you will receive a new stamp that is good for a single entry stay. With visa renewal, you will have a new visa sticker that can be used for multiple trips within stay of extension.


If you wish to apply for Vietnam visa extension or renewal in Da Nang, please follow the steps below:


  1. Send an image of the passport page and visa sticker with entry stamp to our email 
  2. Wait for our response to get the quote. Normally, the quote will be given in minutes. If you would like to proceed with the extension, continue to follow step 3.
  3. Send your passport to our office in HCM through EMS express service. We are well aware of the importance of the passport, that's why we recommend you using the EMS courier, which is the most reliable for document delivery.
  4. Relax and wait to get the passport back from us. The processing time often takes 7-10 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). 
  5. Pay the fee. As you stay far from our office, we would recommend bank transfer payment or credit payment. If you pay by credit, we will have to add 5% of the amount as the transaction fee.


How many times can I extend your Vietnam visa?


Depending on specific circumstances, a visa can be extended by 1-3 months, 3-4 times per year.


How early can I extend my Vietnam visa in Da Nang?


You should extend within 1 week of your visa expiring. Applying earlier will make you lose a few extended days as the new duration on the visa will start from the date your extension application is approved, not from the end date of the current visa.


Should you need to check Vietnam visa extension fee in Da Nang, please feel free to email us or give us a call +84 966 53 93 63.


Thank you very much for your time and we wish you a happy day!


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