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Vietnam visa application form for US citizens

Mistakes made while filling Vietnam visa application form may cause many troubles like being stuck at the airport, flight canceled or more serious – not able to enter the country. But these problems are totally avoidable if you have certain knowledge on the visa application forms, which we will provide to you in this article.

US citizens are required  a visa  for Vietnam before arriving in the country. The only visa available for US passport holders is the one year multiple one which can be obtained through a Vietnamese embassy/consulate based in America or travel agents based in Vietnam. Application forms are different depending on the way you choose to apply. 


vietnam visa application form for us citizens

If you select to get visa at embassy or consulate:

All applications must be completed online, printed out and signed. Visit here for the ONLINE FORM. Choose English then choose Fill Form on the menu bar.

Place of visa submission and collection should be the exact name of the embassy/consulate you are applying for.

In case you fail to complete the online form, you can download the PDF/Doc application form provided by each embassy/consulate. Click here for contact details.

Instructions to complete the form:

The photo for visa application form has specific requirements (for both online and offline forms) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

-      Applicant must submit a passport photo taken within the last 01 year, 4x6cm in size, straight face, no hat, no dark or tinted glass. Both ears must be shown.

-      The photo must be clear for identification. The photo must not be edited anyhow.

-      The photo can be in colors/ black and white.

-      The background must be white/bright. Photos on dark and/or decorated backgrounds will not be accepted.

Full name: is always written in capital letters.

Personal information: give exact information to avoid any trouble

Contact details of host or hotel in Vietnam: give exact information of individual or company that you are staying with if you visit Vietnam for business purpose or hotel’s address if you are tourist.

Purpose of entry: some forms set tick boxes and others set blank lines. It is either tourism or business.

Estimated date of entry/proposed date of entry: is the date your visa will be valid from. Your visa will expire 1/12 months after this date.

Type of visa: choose either Single or Multiple. You can enter and exit the country many times with a multiple visa during the length of stay.

Length of stay: according to the new visa policy, US citizens can only apply for the 1 year multiple visa.

If you prefer to apply online through agents

Approval letter is granted by Vietnamese immigration department that enables foreign travelers to pick up visa on arrival at every airport in Vietnam. The local agents, not embassies, are people you should contact with for getting approval. Just by filling out the form and pay for application with credit/debit card, you will receive the letter of approval via email within 48 business hours. The application forms of each agent are not similar but all requires the same information.

The application form on Vietnam Visa Easy is designed to make the process easiest and most convenient to any applicants around the world. We have in total 5 quick sessions including general information, your application, contact information, extra service (optional) and payment. The calculation of the visa processing fee is also made very clear on the summary session on right side of the page. We are sure it only takes you few minutes to complete the whole form. Under each field are notes and explanations to help you avoid any possible mistake or typo.

Of course you don’t have to print the completed form out and sign, but only to press the Submit button when you finish.

Watch our walkthrough video to have the most detailed guide on this step.


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