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Vietnam visa requirements

Traveling to Vietnam for pleasure or business purposes may require a visa for Vietnam. Therefore, the first move that should be made before planning a trip is to check Vietnam visa requirements.

vietnam visa requirements

Who requires a visa?

Unless you are national of countries listed below, you must leave your country for Vietnam with a full visa stamp on passport:

· Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar (*)

· Philippines (**)

· Japan, South Korea, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland (***)

· Brunei (****)

The citizens from (*) countries are permitted to visit Vietnam without a visa for 30 days.

The citizens from (**) countries are permitted to visit Vietnam without a visa for 21 days

The citizens from (***) countries are permitted to visit Vietnam without a visa for 15 days

The citizens from (****) countries are permitted to visit Vietnam without a visa for 14 days

Please note that:

  • Vietnam visa is not required for transit purposes providing that you do not cross the immigration area.
  • Vietnam visa is not required by travelers visiting Phu Quoc island for less than 30 days. Please note that it must be a direct flight to Phu Quoc island. If you take a connection flight to the island from other Vietnam international airports, you must have a visa to go through passport control at the first landing airport.
  • Those who enter Vietnam under the visa waiver do not need any documents other than a passport of 6-month validity.

 If you are required a visa, read on to see the requirements you must prepare for the visa procedure.

Document required to apply for a visa

Vietnam visa application requirements are various between paper and online applications.

Paper visa application

A visa application submitted at the embassy or consulate always includes the following requirements:

· Visa application form (pick up at embassy office or download from the embassy’s website)

· Origin passport valid for at least 06 months

· 01 passport photo taken within the last 06 months

· Visa approval from Immigration Department obtained by your sponsor in Vietnam (required for business visa application)

· Vietnam visa fee

Other supporting documents might be asked depending on the embassy or consulate you apply at. To avoid possible processing delays, you should contact the consular office in your home country to comprehend requirements for Vietnam visa application. Refer to this page to see the address of Vietnam embassies across the world.

Online visa application

Online visa application submission applies to both visa on arrival and electronic visa. Here are the details:

1.Visa on arrival

Fill out the application form online at and pay processing fee online with a credit or debit. A visa approval letter by the immigration department will be delivered to your email within 2-3 working days. Upon arrival at airports, you are instructed to show the letter to pick up the visa stamp.

Notice: Visa on arrival is granted at airports only. If you travel by bus or cruise, please obtain the visa at an embassy or an electronic visa as instructed below:

2. Electronic visa

Visit to complete an application form and upload your photo. In less than one week, the visa letter will be ready for download. You can use the letter to enter Vietnam at the port of entry indicated in the visa.

We do hope our article about “Vietnam visa requirements” helps you figure out all inquiries about requirements to get a visa for Vietnam. If you have more concerns, just feel free to contact via email, phone, or skype. 


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