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Urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians in Singapore

urgent vietnam visa on arrival for indians living in singapore

Not every travel is well scheduled in advance. Some people have unexpected travel at last minute and when they do, they will need an urgent help to get an urgent Vietnam visa. Our Rush Visa Service is offered to guarantee that your travel is always safe. If you are in need of an instant Vietnam visa for Indian passport from Singapore, this post may be very helpful to you.

Before providing details on Rush Visa Services, we would like to note that the visa services are only available during office hours from Monday to Friday. If you apply for an emergency visa at weekend, we will process and complete urgently next Monday.

How many levels of expedited processing we have?

Vietnam Visa Easy currently offers 3 different levels of expedited processing catering to a range of Indians’ timelines.

1.     Urgent Visa Service: 24 working hours (available for all visa types)

2.     Super-Urgent Visa Service: 4 working hours required (applicable to all visa types except for 3 months multiple visa)

3.     Ultimate Rush Visa Service: only 1 hour (beneficial to 1 month single only)

How to request fast track service?

For 24-hour Urgent Service, you can apply online by filling out the application form at this link and use credit or debit card to make payment. Please select “Urgent Processing” option when you are asked about Processing Time. To ensure no unexpected problem will occur at last minute, you should review the application before submitting.

For the other levels of Fast Track Service, you are requested to send passport page containing personal details to our email at with information about your visa type. Shortly, we will provide you with a payment link so that you can use to pay the fee. The processing just starts once the full payment is verified.

When will you get visa approval?

The standard delivery time is 6:00 pm (Vietnam time) for 24-hour processing. Please bear in mind that you must submit application and payment before 10:00 pm (Vietnam time) for the same day processing.

For Indians requesting 4-hour Urgent Service, your visa approval is ready to use by 12:00 pm (Vietnam time) if you finish application in the morning before 10:00 o’clock. If you apply by 3:00 pm, please check your email around 6:00 pm to receive the approval.

Kindly note again that the 1-hour Urgent Service is only applicable to 01 month visa with single entry. It usually takes 01 hour to process the approval letter.

How much does it cost?

The charges vary depending on processing time and your visa type. Except for processing fee, you don’t have to pay for any other services. The detailed cost of Rush Visa Service for Indian nationals in Singapore is listed in the table below:


Visa type

24-hour Rush Service

Four-hour Rush Service

One-Hour Rush Service

1 month single




1 month multiple



Not available

3 months single



Not available

3 months multiple


Not available

Not available


When you did get the visa approval, bring it with you to the airport and show it on arrival to pick up visa stamp. The immigration officer will ask you to pay stamping fee so prepare some cash in USD or VND for this. The fee is $25 for single visas and $50 for multiple visas.

For any assistance with Urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians in Singapore, kindly drop us an email or give us a call. We are also willing to support you via live chat service. 


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