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How to get a visa extension in Vietnam

how to get a visa extension in vietnam


Vietnam visa extension means extending the time on your visa without having to leave the country. It is different from the visa run which you are required to go to a neighboring country and get a new visa to come back to Vietnam.
The benefit of getting a visa extended is convenience. The only thing you should consider before applying for an extension of Vietnam is the price. Many travelers asked us why it is so cheap to get a visa and a fortune for the extension. Our answer is always "convenience". Instead of paying a hundred dollars for the flight fares and a whole day to travel in and out, you will pay a similar amount to extend the visa from the comfort of your apartment. 
Thus, ask yourself this question before you decide to extend the visa or not "Is the convenience worth it? ". If the answer is yes, then keep reading for the guidance.

Extension duration

The maximum duration for an extension you can ask is 3 months. However, this is not always right and not always applicable to all visas. The Vietnam visa extension fee also varies slightly from time to time and from case to case according to the immigration situation at the time you apply for the extension.
To check the extension fee for your Vietnam visa, we would like you to provide the following information:
  • Nationality:
  • Visa category: tourist or business
  • Visa type: 1-month or 3-month validity,  evisa or visa on arrival or paper visa picked up at embassies
  • Port of entry: name the airport or landborder you used to enter Vietnam
  • Length of extension: 
Any inquiry or request for the visa extension should be sent to our email Or you can also call to hotline +84 966 53 93 63 for instant assistance.
Once you confirm to proceed the extension, we will send a person to collect the passport at your address. The collection service is free of charge if you stay around the central areas of Hanoi, Haiphong, and Ho Chi Minh. To those who live in other provinces and cities, we recommend you sending off the passport to our address by EMS, the most reliable postal express mail service. 
Typically, it takes 7-10 processing days (weekends and national holidays not included) but you can request an expedited processing for an additional USD 20 rush service fee.
When the extension is completed, we will send a picture of the extension stamp for your confirmation first and arrange the delivery shortly at the time and place by your request. You receive the passport back and pay the fees to us. Very secure, quick and easy.
If you need to extend the Vietnam visa, you know how to contact us and what is needed for the quotation.  Thank you very much for your interest in Vietnam and our visa program.

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