Ho Chi Minh

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh: Where to go?

Hanoi Old Quater

Positioning in two opposite sides of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are always two ideal choices for foreigners to visit when coming to the country. They are both big cities and offer plenty of sightseeing and shopping opportunities but bringing different unique vibes. While Hanoi is more traditional and ancient cities, people consider Ho Chi Minh City to be …

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Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Update: Is Vietnam Safe to Travel?

16/16 patients infected with the new Coronavirus Covid are recovered and released from hospitals

For international tourists who are still wondering whether Vietnam is a safe country to travel during Coronavirus Outbreak or not? The answer is YES! As Coronavirus is vulnerable to high temperatures, the weather warming up across Vietnam is a good condition to slow down or even prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. Since 13 February 2020, there has been …

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When coming to Vietnam, you easily see countless eateries with a signboard “cơm bình dân”. The majority of these eateries are a small, family-run business offering a variety of home-cooked dishes at budget prices. In Vietnamese, “cơm bình dân” means “common rice”. Especially busy at lunchtimes, “cơm bình dân” serves customers from all walks of life: from clerks to labourers, …

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Differences betwen Saigon and Hanoi Lifestyle

New tourists are often choosing big areas for their first time in any country, for Vietnam, it is Hanoi and Saigon. Even though they both are the economic centres of Vietnam, Hanoi and Saigon differentiate themselves for the geographical and cultural features. So here a few things that separate the travelling experience between Hanoi and Saigon. First thing first. Morning …

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Halal Street in Saigon

Located to the West of Ben Thanh Market and between Phan Chu Trinh and Truong Dinh Street, Nguyen An Ninh street in District 1 is well known as bustling trade for Malaysians, Indians, Indonesians…The street is only 100 meters long but has almost 100 stores opening till midnight. There are varieties of items sold here, from traditional dresses to souvenirs, …

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Is Ho Chi Minh City a Safe Destination for Travelling?

We’ve heard quite a few times from foreigners the concerns about Ho Chi Minh City’s security with the question “is HCMC a safe place to travel?”. In this article, we try to find the most objective answers possible for this question. Related: Saigon – “Pearl of the Orient” Some facts about the city “Sai Gon” is the old name of Ho …

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Transportation To and From Tan Son Nhat Airport

The route from Ho Chi Minh City centre to Tan Son Nhat airport (TSN) is much easier than that in Hanoi as the airport is located right in the city. BUS Public bus from TSN airport back to the city centre is bus number 152 equipped with air-conditioner and ticket self-service. Hours: 05:45 AM to 6 PM Ticket: 5000 VND …

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Ho Chi Minh City positively protects tourists

In 2006, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City established Tourism Protection, Task Force. After 7 years of operation, the force had a big attempt and contribution in keeping safety security for tourists in Ho Chi Minh City. Now you can totally feel secure when visiting the city.  The Tourism Protection Task Force is under the control of Young …

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