Visa runs

Vietnam Visa Run to Moc Bai Border in Only ONE Day!


You are working or having such a good life in Vietnam, but you just run out of your time staying here and start to figure out the way to extend your visa. Visa extension is not complicated, very easy, the only point that makes it not always the best choice is the high price and sometimes limited extension length. You are looking …

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Vietnam Visa Run to Kuala Lumpur

Visa runs might be only one among several problems for foreigners who want to stay for a long time in Vietnam. To make it no longer your problems, we’re composing the series of a visa run to several Southeast Asian neighbouring countries for your choice. Due to the dropping of prices and the influence Air Asia is having on the …

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Updating 2020: Vietnam Visa Run to Cambodia.

Vietnam visa run to Cambodia vietnamvisa-easy tips

During more than 8 years working in the Vietnam visa industry, we have received many complaints about the visa renewal process from a lot of foreigners coming to Vietnam either to work as freelancers or to retire, which requires them to get a new visa quarterly. The whole process is quite lengthy and costly as they have to leave Vietnam and …

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Vietnam Visa Run to Bangkok

Bangkok traffic

What is the term “Visa Run”? A “Visa Run” which is no longer a strange term to almost travellers is a short journey to other countries to renew your visa and extend your stay in the originating country of the trip. Many people ask us whether doing a visa run is legal or illegal, and the answer is it’s completely …

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