Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam to reopen borders and reissue electronic visas

As of July 1st, 2020, Vietnam will allow the citizens of 80 countries to enter Vietnam on an electronic visa. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has promulgated Resolution No.79 on the countries eligible for electronic visas and international ports and borders allowing entry and exit with the electronic visa. The resolution provides the name of 80 countries whose citizens …

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Vietnam grants free automatic visa extension to stranded tourists

Under the background of COVID-19, Vietnam immigration has granted permission to automatically extend tourist visas until 30 June 2020 free of charge, effective immediately. This announcement will stand until further notice from the government. Who will be affected? 1.      All foreigners entering Vietnam from 1st March 2020 on an electronic visa, tourist visa, and via visa waiver program. 2.      Foreigners …

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Will Vietnam Reopen to Welcome Tourists Soon?

Vietnam reopen international flight from June 1 vietnamvisa-easy

From March 25, Vietnam Government has temporarily suspended all international flights in an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. In the present, Vietnam is planning to resume international flights due to no new Covid-19 cases recorded for a few weeks.  Since March 6, Vietnam has confirmed a total of 288 people tested positive for the Covid-19, including both …

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The amended law on Vietnamese immigration in 2020

The Vietnamese National Assembly has promulgated the amendments to the immigration law for foreigners in Vietnam which will put into effect on 01 July 2020. The important changes are highlighted below: In-country change of visa category The current immigration regulations require foreign nationals to exit Vietnam and re-enter if they want to change their immigration purpose, which creates an administrative …

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7 Most Common Questions about Vietnam Visa Extension during the Covid-19 Outbreak


Recently, we have received so many emails questioning about the visa extension in Vietnam due to the newest measures of the government – suspending visa issuance for all countries and closing borders due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. These decisions have raised great concern among ex-pats who staying in Vietnam cannot return their home countries during this time and face some …

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CAN YOU TRAVEL TO VIETNAM NOW? IF NOT, THEN WHEN? (VIDEO VERSION) Writing version: Hello Hien Giercke here and welcome to this episode from Vietnam Visa Easy. And this episode is absolutely about the ongoing contagious virus CORONA that has brought down a big city in China, Korea and now spreading crazily in some European countries.  What about here in …

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Covid-19: Changes in Vietnam visa

Hello! To anyone who has concerns about the latest news over the recent visa changes in Vietnam due to the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. This post will provide you with complete visa information since the outbreak started till March 18, 2020. In case you didn’t know, Covid-19 is a new disease – a type of coronavirus – that can affect your …

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Tourism Activities Shutdown in Vietnamese Provinces and Cities Due to Covid-19 Outbreak.

As of 13th, March, the total number of Covid-19 patients rose to 45, many of the cases were international tourists, many Vietnamese provinces and cities has stopped tourism activities at many locations and/or the entire city, cancelled traditional festivals, places with largely populated tourism activities as a response to the potential Covid-19 Outbreak. According to The Ministry of Health, their …

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Vietnam Visa Run to Moc Bai Border in Only ONE Day!


You are working or having such a good life in Vietnam, but you just run out of your time staying here and start to figure out the way to extend your visa. Visa extension is not complicated, very easy, the only point that makes it not always the best choice is the high price and sometimes limited extension length. You are looking …

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Banh Mi: A National Cuisine – Things You should Know

On the journey of discovering the beauty of exotic Vietnam, no one that has never see or experience Banh Mi themselves. From every corner of Vietnam city, streets and small alleys, there will always be at least one street vendor to offers you Vietnam’s finest traditional cuisine, the Banh Mi. You would make a fool of yourself travelling to Vietnam …

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