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CAAV proposed Covid-19 vaccine passport mechanism

In the recent report to the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) emphasizes the necessity of resuming regular international flights and allowing vaccinated travelers. In detail,  passengers with vaccine passports and negative PRC test for covid will be permitted to enter Vietnam and have isolated quarantine time shortened. The CAAV added that Vietnam has yet to introduce …

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Vietnam to re-open international commercial flights

On April 1, Vietjet Air resumed flights to Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The airline said in a press release that weekly Friday flights will link Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City and that thirteen flights per month will operate between Hanoi and Tokyo, starting on April 6. Similarly, the regular Hanoi-Taipei route will resume on April 11 the …

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Vietnam Plans to Reopen 6 International Commercial Routes in September

Since the recent Covid-19 Outbreak in Vietnam is gradually being put under control, the country is planning to resume some international flights starting from September 15th. After a few months keeping its borders closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Vietnam finally proposes to reopen and welcome international tourists. Last month, The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) planned to …

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Vietnam to reopen borders and reissue electronic visas

As of July 1st, 2020, Vietnam will allow the citizens of 80 countries to enter Vietnam on an electronic visa. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has promulgated Resolution No.79 on the countries eligible for electronic visas and international ports and borders allowing entry and exit with the electronic visa. The resolution provides the name of 80 countries whose citizens …

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Vietnam grants free automatic visa extension to stranded tourists

Under the background of COVID-19, Vietnam immigration has granted permission to automatically extend tourist visas until 30 June 2020 free of charge, effective immediately. This announcement will stand until further notice from the government. Who will be affected? 1.      All foreigners entering Vietnam from 1st March 2020 on an electronic visa, tourist visa, and via visa waiver program. 2.      Foreigners …

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Will Vietnam Reopen to Welcome Tourists Soon?

Vietnam reopen international flight from June 1 vietnamvisa-easy

From March 25, Vietnam Government has temporarily suspended all international flights in an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. In the present, Vietnam is planning to resume international flights due to no new Covid-19 cases recorded for a few weeks.  Since March 6, Vietnam has confirmed a total of 288 people tested positive for the Covid-19, including both …

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7 Most Common Questions about Vietnam Visa Extension during the Covid-19 Outbreak


Recently, we have received so many emails questioning about the visa extension in Vietnam due to the newest measures of the government – suspending visa issuance for all countries and closing borders due to the Covid-19 Outbreak. These decisions have raised great concern among ex-pats who staying in Vietnam cannot return their home countries during this time and face some …

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Covid-19: Changes in Vietnam visa

Hello! To anyone who has concerns about the latest news over the recent visa changes in Vietnam due to the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. This post will provide you with complete visa information since the outbreak started till March 18, 2020. In case you didn’t know, Covid-19 is a new disease – a type of coronavirus – that can affect your …

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Vietnam Visa Run to Moc Bai Border in Only ONE Day!


You are working or having such a good life in Vietnam, but you just run out of your time staying here and start to figure out the way to extend your visa. Visa extension is not complicated, very easy, the only point that makes it not always the best choice is the high price and sometimes limited extension length. You are looking …

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March 10th, Covid-19 updates: 34th confirmed cases in Vietnam.

After 28 days of no new Covid-19 case recorded since 13 February and the recovery of 16/16 infection cases, there were only 4 – 5 days left and Vietnam would announce to be deleted from the global list of “destinations with the risk of community spread of Covid-19”. But from the night on 5th March until now, Vietnam has recorded …

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