Vietnam visa

Visa upon Arrival

This is probably the easiest way to obtain your visa without having to chase down Vietnam embassies, consulates and the like prior to your trip. It is a valid alternative when applying for both tourist and business visa. The Entry visa will be stamped on your passport as you pass through Vietnam Immigration Checkpoint. Though valid for thirty- ninety days, …

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Vietnam visa general information

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an Entry Visa(valid for visit within 30 days), specifically as follows: Areas Countries Term of residence Asia Singapore less than 30 days Cambodia Less than 30 days Thailand less than 30 days Malaysia less than 30 days Indonesia less than 30 days Laos less than 30 days Philipines less than 21 …

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Visa exemption for Vietnamese residents oversea according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I. Forms of Certificate of Visa Exemption The certificate of visa exemption might take the following forms: 1. A stamped certificate: A Vietnam visa¬† exemption certificate is stamped on the passports of Vietnamese nationals living abroad and foreign nationals to allow their entrance into Vietnam. ¬† 2. Detached Certificate: A visa exemption certificate issued to Vietnamese people living abroad under …

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