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Apply Vietnam tourist visa online

You are ready to explore nature and culture in Vietnam? If yes, it’s necessary to learn how to get a Vietnam tourist visa online. But first, please kindly enter this page to check if you require a visa for Vietnam.

Why you should apply for tourist visa online?

Easy: You can make application from the comfort of your home at anytime. No worries about documents.

Fast: the visa approval is issued the next day of application or on the same day on urgent basis.

Cheap: You will save a big money when applying for Vietnam travel visa online. It costs USD 16 for 1 month single visa and USD 45 for 3 months multiple tourist visa. If you submit application at embassies, you have to pay a fee of at least USD 100. Please enter here to check Vietnam tourist e-visa’s cost

Immediate support: our support team is available 24/7. Your question will be replied in a few minutes via email, phone or live chat.

Where to start?

To start application, you simply enter requested information into application form, then proceed to pay processing fee with credit/debit card.  The information must be provided include:

• Full name: must be exactly as indicated on the passport you use for travel
• Date of birth:
• Passport number:
• Nationality:  select country of your passport issuance from drop-down list
• Date of entry: if you haven’t yet booked the flight, just enter the intended date of travel. Note: you are allowed to travel to Vietnam at any time from date of entry put on the application until the visa expires.
• Length of stay:  the tourist visa has a maximum validity of 3 months, allowing single and multiple entries.

Also, the form also requires information about the date of exit, purpose of travel and port of entry. However, you can leave it blank because it’s optional information. You will be able to receive visa stamp at any of Vietnam’s airports and leave Vietnam anytime during visa validity.

Processing time

It takes at least 1 hour and maximum of 48 hours to process the visa approval. The approval is normally issued by 6: 00 pm (Vietnam time) on the following day of payment. If you request expedited processing, the approval will be sent to your email on the same day. Please visit Rush Visa Service for more information.

The visa approval is issued by Immigration Department that is sufficient for you t check in flight and pick up visa stamp on arrival at any AIRPORT of Vietnam. Those traveling without the approval are not allowed to board the plane and unable to have tourist visa on arrival accordingly. Once you received the approval, please check carefully your personal information and length of stay.

Collect visa stamp on arrival

The immigration officer will request the following documents before granting the visa:

• Original passport: must have a minimum of 6 months validity according to airlines’ requirement
• Print copy of the letter: the black-white copy is accepted. However, it’s best to show the color.
• 01 passport-sized photo: should be taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance.
• Completed entry-exit form: is sent together with the approval via email. Print out the form and fill it out in advance to save time at airport.

Stamping fee paid to the officer is USD 25 for single entry and USD 50 for multiple entry. Only cash is accepted. Please pay the fee in US. Dollars or VN Dong.

The on-arrival process takes approximately 10 minutes. When there is a long queue in front of immigration counter, processing time might be slowly. If you wish to avoid the queue and get the stamp right away, it’s best to ask for stamping assistance. Once the visa is granted, the officer will call your name and give you a payment receipt.

Have questions about online Vietnam tourist visa? Just feel free to reach us at  or hotline:  +84 966 53 93 63.



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