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How to get visa to Vietnam for Iranian nationals

Check out our other post to know more details on how to get a Vietnam visa for Middle-East.

Iranian citizens applying for a visa to Vietnam often face issues like limited entry visa options, longer processing time and higher service fee. Visa on Arrival became an effective method for Iranians to obtain Vietnam visa. With us, all problems solved.

Why us

We had been doing Visa on arrival since the beginning. Thousands of foreign travelers were granted approval letter for visa, including Middle-East citizens. We are aware of the difficulties this group of countries must face as well as the solutions and legal path to successfully obtain a visa to Vietnam.

Not only promising the good result of visa procedure, we also seek to provide all the needed information for Iranian applicants and the transparency of our works. This is what makes our service so different with other agencies. More than that, our core policy and commitment will ensure that your money will get back to you in total sum if the worst scenario happens and your application gets rejected.

We’re committed in:

• Transparency in our pricing policy
• 100% refund for declined applications
• 24/7 customer support
• Security over your information

Seek our assistance through Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel, support email and hotline number +84 966 53 93 63.


Step 1: Send visa request 

Send the following requirements to our email

-      Passport page containing your personal information 

-      Flight booking (if you depart from a third-country, please provide your granted visa of that country) and hotel reservation

Step 2: Pay visa fee

Shortly after the request is well received, you are instructed to submit USD 185 visa fee through an invoice we provide. The application will be in pending status until the payment is verified. 

Step 3: Receive approval

It takes up to 7 days to process an approval letter for Iranian passport holders. This document will be sent to your email. No urgent service is available for Iranian applicants.

After receiving approval letter, you had better check its accuracy. If you spot any erros, report us instantly for correction.

Step 4: Get visa stamp

So you have already obtained the approval. At this step, you are required to show it to get visa stamp either at arrival airport or embassy. Please be noted that some airlines require their Middle East passengers to get full visa stamp before boarding. Thus, to be safe, we highly recommend you checking up with the airlines you are flying with about this issue BEFORE starting application. If they refuse boarding with approval, you have no choice except for getting the visa at embassy. We will issue a special approval to help you receive visa from embassy/consulate. In your application, please kindly let us know the nearest Vietnamese embassy/consulate to your place so that we could cooperate with them in granting the visa.

Get visa on arrival

Use this approval letter to enter Vietnam and get the real visa stamp on your passport. At the airport, submit:

-      Your original passport

-      Printed copy of letter

-      01 passport-sized photo

-      Completed entry-exit form (sent with the letter)

At Landing visa/Visa upon arrival desk/counter.

Stamping fees: single entry - $25 and only CASH accepted.

In conclusion, you will have to pay:

Visa type

Application fee

Stamping fee

1-month single entry visa

$185 (charged by Vietnamvisa-easy)

$25 (charged by Immigration Dept.)



Get visa at embassy

The embassy of Vietnam in Tehran does not grant Vietnam visa for local citizens as its service. However, you can receive visa stamp which is pre-arranged and pre-approved by Vietnam Immigration Department via a travel agent at any Embassy of Vietnam including the embassy in Tehran.

Print out the letter with the code and bring it to the embassy together with:

-      Your original passport

-      01 passport-sized photo

-      Completed entry-exit form (the form was sent with the letter)

-      Stamping fee. According to the law, stamping fee for single entry is $25 but do bring more money on you in case the embassy asks for extra fee.

Contact details of Embassy of Vietnam in Tehran:

Address: No. 54, Corner of Borzou St., Ejazi St. (Assef), Zaferaniyeh, Tehran

Phone: +98 21 22411670 - Fax: +98 21 22416045

Hotline:  +98 21 22411670 and +98 9124132237

E-mail: [email protected]



Iranian citizens are granted visa-free stay at Phu Quoc special economic zone for 30 days.

Feel free to contact us if you need more consultancy regarding getting a Vietnam visa for Iranians.  

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