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The best Vietnam visa for Indian citizens



The Indian passport holders traveling to Vietnam in 2020 have 3 options to obtain an entry visa: e-visa, visa on arrival, and visa at the embassy. In this post, we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each way to help you easily select the most appropriate way to get Vietnam visa for Indian passport.



E-visa is newly launched by the Immigration Department in 2017 allowing foreigners to apply online for a short tourist visa on their official website. The visa fee is only USD 25 paying in advance by credit card. If you want to save money, the e-visa is the cheapest. If you expect a more secure visa, it is not a good choice because the processing time is sometimes delayed and you have no way to request the amendment for a mistake (if any) with the visa, even if the error is on the side of the immigration department. Besides, the e-visa is only valid to use at the selected port of entry when you apply. 

Link to apply:


Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is a kind of pre-arranged visa that the applicants will receive an approval letter online to pick up the visa stamp on arrival. The visa on arrival option is more expensive than the e-visa but it is secure, fast, refundable, and valid to use at all international airports of Vietnam. The normal processing time of the approval letter is 2-3 working days but you can request an urgent letter to be ready in 1-4 hours in case of emergency. The visa on arrival is valid for up to 3 months applicable for both tourists and businessmen. One minus point is it does not work at land borders and seaports. 

Link to apply:

Read more about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians.


Visa at embassy/consulate

The Vietnam visa procedure at the embassies and consulate is a little complicated and time-consuming. Also, the visa fee is not very reasonable. However, if you want everything to be fully arranged before the departure, this is a good choice. Besides, the visas granted at the embassies/consulates are accepted at all ports of entry including airports, seaports, and land borders.

Where to apply? Visit here to see contacts of Vietnam Embassies/Consulates in all countries.

Note: As of July 2020, the maximum stay of a tourist visa holder is 30 days no matter how long the visa is valid. The visitors must extend the visa for a longer stay.


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