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Vietnam grants free automatic visa extension to stranded tourists

Under the background of COVID-19, Vietnam immigration has granted permission to automatically extend tourist visas until 30 June 2020 free of charge, effective immediately. This announcement will stand until further notice from the government.

Who will be affected?

1.      All foreigners entering Vietnam from 1st March 2020 on an electronic visa, tourist visa, and via visa waiver program.

2.      Foreigners whose arrival was before 1st March 2020 are also able to qualify for the auto extension if they can:

·         Provide a diplomatic letter by their embassy/consulate (a copy of Vietnamese translation is needed) on being stranded due to COVID-19 or,

·         Provide your states of being isolated, medically treated or having other unexpected events confirmed by  a competent Vietnamese authority

Note: The foreigners must present the paper upon the exit.

If the above policy applies to you, then you no longer need to seek an extension of your visa for the time being.

The foreigners must make a temporary residence declaration and medical declaration in this period.

Those who are not eligible for the automatic extension must apply for an extension before the visa expires as regulation. Please contact Vietnam Visa Easy for guidance through the extension procedures.


Skype: vietnamvisaeasy

Hotline: +84 966 53 93 63

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