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Will Vietnam Reopen to Welcome Tourists Soon?

By nhat huong May 12, 2020 #Covid-19 #Vietnam
Vietnam reopen international flight from June 1 vietnamvisa-easy

From March 25, Vietnam Government has temporarily suspended all international flights in an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. In the present, Vietnam is planning to resume international flights due to no new Covid-19 cases recorded for a few weeks. 

Since March 6, Vietnam has confirmed a total of 288 people tested positive for the Covid-19, including both foreigners and Vietnamese citizens. In order to slow down the spread of the virus, the country’s government has implemented different measures: banned entry of foreign nationals since March 22, suspended international flights since March 25. At that time, only foreigners who hold diplomatic or official passports with a Covid-19 free certificate from a recognized authority in the country of embarkation can enter Vietnam, but still have to undergo a 14-day of quarantine. Following these measures, all famous tourist attractions and entertaining activities in the country had to close due to the Prime Minister’s social distancing orders.

The international flight ban has been a big hit to the country’s tourism industry. From January to April, Vietnam witnessed a 38% drop in the country’s foreign visitors, and the tourism industry earned revenues of VND7.9 trillion, an equivalent of $337 million, down 45%. So, it’s time for Vietnam to revive the tourism industry from the negative impact of the virus.

Currently, there are only 39 cases isolated for treatment in Vietnam, and 249 patients have fully recovered and were released from the hospital. As there has been no new Covid-19 cases over the last 3 weeks in the country, social distancing measures have been loosened in most cities and provinces. Vietnam’s civil aviation authority (CAAV) has started suggesting to reconnect international flights with limited frequency, giving priority to foreign experts and investors. Currently, they are looking for the government’s approval to resume international flights from June 1.

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