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Vietnam visa requirements for spain

hello, we are travelling to Vietnam in December. Could you tell me what I need to send to the embassy when I apply for a visa or can i apply here? thanks

Vietnam visa extension fee

I am a retired French citizen, not working in Vietnam or elsewhere.I have a 6 months tourist visa (B3) valid until 20/10/2012. Can you get a 3 months renewal visa for me without leaving the country and how much it cost ?

honeymoon package visakhapatnam

For plan to honeymoon, I am applying a Vietnam Visa upon on arrival. Does the VOA visa also valid for the package visa of Thai Land and Cambodia? Or do I have to apply a separate visa for Thai Land and Cambodia whether I have Vietnam Arrival visa? Does the arrival Visa only valid through airport, not any by the border? as We will be backpacking to vietnamn from Thailand and Cambodia. Thank you!

tourist visa application for vietnam

My family wish to travel to Vietnam by road from Cambodia in November.As we are not arriving by air, we cannot apply for the 'visa on arrival' service. We are UK citizens although we are resident in France.Could you tell us the way to apply for Vietnam visas by post - either to France or in UK. Many thanks for your help and advice. Best wishes

photo for Vietnam visa

Hi,I am from France.Do I need to submit scanned photos when I apply for a Vietnam visa online? What are the sizes? Thanks

Visa for Vietnam in hong kong

Hi, Urgent help needed. Me and my friend plate about to get on a flight to Hong Kong from Vietnam. We didn't think about single or multiple entry visas to Vietnam...We are only going to Hong Kong for the weekend (Friday evening to Sunday evening) is there anywhere in Hong Kong we can get a vietnamese visa over to weekend?how to apply for step? Thanks!!!

How to apply for vietnam visa in uk

I 'll visit to Vietnam in November. This 's the first time I wanna book visa online. Can you help me how to apply for Vietnam visa in UK? Thanks

Vietnam visa requirement for Australians

Can you please tell me the visa requirements for Australian passports holders? Thanks.

3 Month Vietnam Visa for US citizen?

Well, I made plans without thinking until just after I purchased my flight tickets 11 months early. My wife and I are headed back to Vietnam in Dec. and I believe that I just barely went over the '1 month' stay! As far as 'in country' this is what it will be for arrival and departure from Vietnam: Enter Vietnam (HAN) 12/12/12 @ 10:20pm Exit Vietnam (SGN) 01/12/13 @ 11:35pm = 31 days 1hr 15 min. So if this does in fact go beyond 1 month, is there a problem getting a 3 month single entry Visa? Do I need a 3 month Visa (specifically for a US citizen) and how to apply? Thanks!

Online visa again

I used your site when we last went to Vietnam. I booked and got the visas no problems at all and cheaper than what some people I know had said they had paid. So as we are going again, I decide to apply on your site. What 'll I do now? Tks so much.

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