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Vietnam visa extension

I had a visa and my Vietnam visa expires in a few days and I would like to stay a few days longer than the expiry date, may you advise what i should do? Should i extend the visa or pay for overstay charge. Thank you.

Can I apply for a second Vietnam visa within 6 months since my last visit?

I was in Vietnam from 25th April 2012 to 20th May. I applied for my 30 day visa on arrival through your website in advance, and all went well, no problems at all.Now, some friends and I wanting to visit Vietnam again this year. We will probably be wanting to enter Vietnam in the last half of August this year. I've search on Google and I can't see any restrictions about multiple single entry visa in one year either.I wonder if any restrictions I have missed regarding me re-entering Vietnam in such a short period of time? Or if I am just free to reapply as I did before on your site?

Vietnam visa 10 day extension - Please help

Hi! can you tell me is there anyway I can extend a 30day vietnam visa, i need it extend for 10 days as there was a mix up when i applyed for it and have only just noticed that i need to leave vietnam on 6 August 2012, but have a pre booked flight for the middle of August to bangkok. Thanks

Vietnam visa extension fee

I am a retired French citizen, not working in Vietnam or elsewhere.I have a 6 months tourist visa (B3) valid until 20/10/2012. Can you get a 3 months renewal visa for me without leaving the country and how much it cost ?

1.5 hours in vietnam before visa becomes valid.

Hi, Due to a flight change, My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Saigon at 10:30pm July 12, instead of July 13, but our visas begin July 13. That means we will have 1.5 hours of our visas not being valid. Will this be a problem?