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Transit in Ho Chi Minh

I will be flying on MH (Malaysia Airlines) and transit in Ho Chi Minh to desintaion Da Nang on Vietnam Airlines. Is 2 hour transit time enough (i.e arrival time at HCM and departure time from HCM to Da Nang is 2 hours)?

transit visa

Hi. I am a South African, arriving from Hong Kong in Ho Chi Mihn City for three hours in transit to Siem Reap. I will be coming back to Vietnam after the Cambodia visit and have a visa for the time to be spent in Vietnam. Do I need a transit visa for the first arrival . Marianne

Vietnam transit visa required?

Do I need a visa while in transit at Ho Chi Minh Airport? Australian passport holder.

Do I need a transit visa?

I shall fly from Shanghai/China to Ho Shi Min by China Eastern Airlines and the same day fly to SIEM REAP/CAMBODIA by Vietnam Airlines. Do I need a transit visa?

Making russian transit visa online?

Flying from Hanoi to Nice, I will have to spend one night in Moscow. As I am living in Caribbean. I can't make the transit visa before. Would it be possible to make this transit visa online ?

Vietnam transit visa in Singapore

We fly into Vietnam from Bangkok, arriving 10 hours before our next flight to Singapore. The flights are not one journey, they are booked with different companies. Do we need a transit visa? We wont leave the airport during this time, just grab our luggage and wait for our next flight. Thanks

Vietnam tourist visa single entry for UK

Hi,do we only need a single-entry visa if we are flying throughout Vietnam to different cities without leaving the country? We are UK citizens. Thanks

Vietnam visa for transit purpose

Good morning. I am flying in from Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Air and leaving the same day on Japan Airlines. I will not leave the airport. Do I need any special visa to Vietnam in order to pick up my luggage and switch planes? I assume I need to go through immigration to claim my bags. Thank you.

Not leaving the airport

Hi I will travel to Vietnam, spend a couple of days there and then go on to Cambodia. I will then fly back from Siem Reap to Saigon Airport and on the same day fly onto Dubai- I will not be leaving the airport but I may need to collect my baggage. Will I pass immigration to collect my bags? Will I need a re-entry visa? Thank you

Luggage pick up during transit

When transferring in Ho Chi Minh airport I read that no Visa is required as long as you stay within the transfer area. How does it work with your luggage then? I will be changing airlines and cannot check my luggage through (FRA-SGN-REP). Is the baggage claim at Ho Chi Minh airport within the transit area? If not, how can you pick up your luggage without having a Visa?