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valid vietnam visa on old passport

Dear Sir/ Madam, i have valid unused Vitnam visa on my old passport. Can i travel to Vietnam without endorsing to my new passport?

Vietnam visa for Indians

VISA for Vietnam, Cambodia : Tourist Visa requirements for Indian passport holder? Can this be applied on line?

About Visa

My fren and I will visit vietnam in august. Do we need Apply VISA ? My fren is singaporean and holding singapore passport and myself is Singapore PR / Malaysian and holding Malaysia Passport. Thanks

Need Visa?

Will be in Vietnam for a few days in December. Do American Citizens require a Visa?

best way to get vietnam visa?

hi im soon going to be travelling around thailand, laos, and vietnam. i understand you cant get a visa on arrival to vietnam (i'm british). what is the best way to get a visa? apply online or just sort one out whilst in bangkok? i will only be going to vietnam for 3 weeks.cheers

Visas in 1 Aumtumn

Hello, I tried looking for this information abt visa.Basically I'm going from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi and then across into Laos and Cambodia and then back into Ho Chi Minh to fly home (Over the course of 2 months.I got a one month single entry visa and thus need a second visa to enter Vietnam from Cambodia to fly home. So is it possible to get a second visa in Phnom Penh? Oh and would it also be possible to extend my first one month visa once I get to Vietnam, We're considering spending 5 weeks going from south to north instead of 4 weeks. Thanks.

Visa Advice

I'm planning a 3-month trip around Southeast Asia, and my current plan is to fly into Da Nang to do Hue and Hoi An, then go south to reach HCMC. From there, I'm traveling onward to Cambodia and Laos, then swinging back into Vietnam at Hanoi. This works well with the weather conditions (I'm traveling from end of August until beginning of December), and I'm hopping over to Myanmar after I finish in Hanoi.I'm a US citizen in Seoul at the moment. My question is this: what's the best visa for me to get?Or is a better approach for me to get two separate 1-month single-entry visas? Is that possible to get two so close together? What 'll I do now?

Vietnam visa for Spainish

Hi, I am Spanish citizen, I am going to travel to Indochina in end of July, Vietnam and Cambodia, with my parent. We will arrive Phnom Penh then travel to Siem reap for 3 days 2 nights. Then travel to Vietnam (Saigon) at the moment we already booked hotel and air ticket at all destinations we go. So, how to apply vietnam visa? Thank you

multiple visa Vietnam

Im going to visit Vietnam for a couple of weeks, and also Im hoping to go to Cambodia for a few days next month. But I have only got a single entry visa. I dont know will I need to get a new visa? Thanks!

Vietnamese Visa in Bangkok

I am looking for current (i.e. within the last 6 months) info about how long it will take to get a Vietnamese visa in Bangkok. I'm fine paying extra to have a fast and best service. By how?

Visa-good for how long?

Hello! My first trip to Asia will be in February 2013, I already purchased my flights, I will be arriving in Vietnam February 14 and exiting March 23. I guess I should have inquired on this before purchasing my tickets, but oops! Can someone please tell me if Vietnamese visas are only good for 30 days or is there a way to purchase a visa that will allow me to stay in Vietnam a bit longer? Also, if we decide to spend 1 week in Cambodia will that be a problem getting back into Vietnam? We would probably take a flight to Cambodia from Vietnam. And my last question..what is the best way to apply for a visa and how soon before travel should I apply? Thanks for your help!

Vietnam visa

Hi I will be entering Vietnam overland from Kunming China, and there seems to be different opinions about a visa. Can I get a visa in Kunming or Viet Nam? how long will it take? I'm American and will be entering after a month in China. Thanks

3 month visa on arrival

I want apply for a 3 month visa on arrival in HCMC. A friend said Visa service only issue the paperwork only 4 or 5 days before travel. I had not heard of this before. Is it ok? How to apply? Thanks.

Visa transfer in new passport

My old passport is not valid anymore. Now I have a few questions: Should I transfer the visa from the old passport to the new one? Or immigration officer will allow me go leave the country with the visa in old (not valid) passport? If I have to get this visa transfer, how can I do this and how much time does it normally take? Thanks

Vietnam Visa

I know their is already many questions on Vietnamese Visas but my problem is quite specific. I am planning a 6 week long trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I don't know when my exact date of arrival in Vietnam will be, however I want to arrange my visa. Im at the UK. My question is if I put an estimated date of arrival will it be okay if I arrive any time after that date or do I need to arrive on an exact date wrote on the form ? and how to apply? Please get back to me, cheers

Is is easy to get Vietnam visa?

Hi Planning our 2013 Winter sun holiday and Vietnam is on the shortlist. Are the visas easy to apply for (just back from Southern India and the visa application is very complicated)?Show me how to apply? Also weatherwise February or March? We would be going to Nha Trang. Regards

Visa help

I'm traveling to Vietnam for 3 weeks with my 13 yo son. I see I need a visa but can I just get one at the airport on arrival with an approval letter or do I have to get one here in oz before we go? Thanks.

New visa for vietnam

I am not using the old visa. is it possible to get a brand new one with different dates?if i do go into the country and use the visa for a few days, do i have to leave for a certain amount of time before i go back in? can i get the visa in here?

Valid Vietnam visa in old passport

As my old passport was full, I had to get a new one. My Vietnam visa (a 5-year visa) is in my old passport. As I cannot transfer that visa, and would have to give up my passport for 1 month to get a new one, I tried to find out if I could travel back to Vietnam with both the old and new passport. I will just not be able to not have my passport for a month; at least not any time soon. What can I do? Regards,

Get Vietnam visa from the Uk - help please

Looking at flying into HCMC for 3 weeks. During that time, we will take internal flights to Honoi & possibly Phu Quoc.When applying for me visa, will I need a multiple or single entry visa?

Visa need for HCMC and Hanoi

hi| Planing to vist ho chi minh ,i from singapore, do i need to apply for visa? Please help

Visa for Vietnam

I am going to Vietnam around mid October. Im in Canada. Can I apply for visa approval on line and then get visa on arrival? Thanks

Visa to Vietnam

hi,traveling from singapore to hong kong in september ,we will be calling to saigon for two nights.we will be cruising with star cruises,the question is, how do we go about getting a visa to enter vietnam? thanks

Visa Question

We are travelling to Vietnam in November. Can you tell me how to apply for visas in Australia before we leave or at the airport on arrival? There are 11 of us. Thanks

Vietnam Visa Requirements

I am planning a trip to Vietnam arriving in Hanoi on 6 November 2012 and travelling down to Ho Chi Minh City before flying to Phnom Penh, Cambodia on about 27 November. I will be travelling in Cambodia until 7 December 2012 before planning on catching a Cambodia Angkor Air flight from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City to catch my Vietnam Airlines flight back to Sydney on the same date. (7 December 2012) The million dollar question is???..... as I will be arriving back into Ho Chi Minh Airport on 7 December 2012 to catch a flight back to Sydney, will the 30 day single entry tourist Visa I plan on getting which would have started on 6 November 2012 at the start of my trip be enough to allow me to catch my flight home??? My calculations are that it would have expired on 5 December 2012!!! I guess the crux of it all is will I be allowed into Ho Chi Minh Airport on 7 December 2012 to catch a flight home on the same date if I dont have a current visa??? Or, will I need to obtain a 3 month, multi entry visa which I think is silly as I wont even be leaving Ho Chi Minh Airport before I catch my flight home!What can I do? Pls help, thanks

Visas for living in Hanoi

Myself and my boyfriend have just moved to hanoi for my job! My job will take responsibility for extending and renewing my visa but we are on our own with my partners!I really want how to renew a visa and how many times you can renew, what happens when you have to get a new visa etc! We are staying for a minimum of two years so want to find out how to do this!thanks.

How to get Vietnam visa for Canadians

For Canadians going to Visit Vietnam. What process and who do i contact to get a visa for Vietnam?I like to get one prior to leaving Canada.What can I do?

Visa on Temporary Passport

My fiancée is currently holding a Irish temporary passport. We are waiting for the new passport to arrive. We have our trip booked for 27th August. Can I get a visa on a temporary passport or need a passport not a temporary one? Thanks for your help,

Online visa again

I used your site when we last went to Vietnam. I booked and got the visas no problems at all and cheaper than what some people I know had said they had paid. So as we are going again, I decide to apply on your site. What 'll I do now? Tks so much.

3 Month Vietnam Visa for US citizen?

Well, I made plans without thinking until just after I purchased my flight tickets 11 months early. My wife and I are headed back to Vietnam in Dec. and I believe that I just barely went over the '1 month' stay! As far as 'in country' this is what it will be for arrival and departure from Vietnam: Enter Vietnam (HAN) 12/12/12 @ 10:20pm Exit Vietnam (SGN) 01/12/13 @ 11:35pm = 31 days 1hr 15 min. So if this does in fact go beyond 1 month, is there a problem getting a 3 month single entry Visa? Do I need a 3 month Visa (specifically for a US citizen) and how to apply? Thanks!

Vietnam visa requirement for Australians

Can you please tell me the visa requirements for Australian passports holders? Thanks.

How to apply for vietnam visa in uk

I 'll visit to Vietnam in November. This 's the first time I wanna book visa online. Can you help me how to apply for Vietnam visa in UK? Thanks

Visa for Vietnam in hong kong

Hi, Urgent help needed. Me and my friend plate about to get on a flight to Hong Kong from Vietnam. We didn't think about single or multiple entry visas to Vietnam...We are only going to Hong Kong for the weekend (Friday evening to Sunday evening) is there anywhere in Hong Kong we can get a vietnamese visa over to weekend?how to apply for step? Thanks!!!

Vietnam visa requirements for spain

hello, we are travelling to Vietnam in December. Could you tell me what I need to send to the embassy when I apply for a visa or can i apply here? thanks

japan change visa type

hi, wanna ask you a question. I applied for a single entry visa for me and my friend. We received the approval letter. But we have a problem due to a change in travel plans, we now need a multiple entry visa. How do I change the visa? thanks

Vietnam visa requirement for Canadians living in Singapore

Hi, I am from Canada and live in Singapore. Can I apply for visa on arrival to Vietnam? or I have to apply before travel? Thanks

do australians need a visa to go to vietnam?

Do australians need a visa to travel to vietnam and how to apply?

Apply vietnam holiday visa

I'm a British citizen and I would like to collect Vietnam holiday visa to enter Vietnam for a week. What type of visa do I need? Thanks

1 month Vietnam visa for Dubai citizens

Im from Dubai,how long in advance can i apply for a holiday visa for 1 month?

Information about travel visas to Vietnam

I am a Pakistani national living in Sweden. I wanna travel to Vietnam. Can you tell me some information abt travel visas to Vietnam. Do i need a visa to vietnam and how i can get it? Thank so much

multi visa to visit Vietnam abt 3 - 6 months?

Do I need multi visa to visit Vietnam? I want stay for a long time, about 3 - 6 months.

Visa for travel 2013

Can I obtain a visa now if I am traveling in January 2013?

Best way to get business visa to Vietnam

I need a visa for a service in Vietnam. How 's to apply online for a visa on arrival for business travel to Vietnam? best regards

cheapest way to get vietnam visa

hi, what is the cheapest way and best way to get a visa to vietnam?

Vietnam visa on arrival multiple entry

Can you tell me what is the different between Vietnam multiple entry visa on arrival and single entry visa on arrival? How much does Vietnam visa cost? Thanks

Are photo and passport required for Vietnam visa online

Hi, do I need to submit photos or passport when I apply Vietnam visa online?

Vietnam visa approval letter

I want vietnamese visa approval letter to travel to Vietnam. How I can apply to get it?

visa requirements for US citizen traveling to india

We are going to fly from U.S. traveling to India and then fly to HCMC. We will stay for 5 days then fly to Hanoi then go on to China. Can we get a visa for 14 days at HCMC arrival? What is the easiest way to make arrival into HCMC?

3 month multiple entry tourist visa

We want apply for a visa approval letter through your site. We want a three month multiple entry tourist visa but my old friend said Visa service is no such thing as a three month multiple entry tourist visa and we 'll receive visa Approval for business purposes. Is that true and what can we do? Thanks in advance and best regards

Vietnam visa for Indonesians

Hello, I'm really confused about how to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam. Do I need to get it before I enter the country or can I get it at the border? Im a indonesian citizens

How to get a visa faster?

We will be arriving overland, from Thailand. How to get a visa faster?

Vietnam visa for japanese citizens

Hi,we are planning to visit Vietnam for Tet holiday, can we still apply for an online Vietnam visa or what is the best way to obtain Vietnam visa? We are Japanes citizens. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Easy Vietnam visa from Australia

I'll visit to Vietnam with my wife on January 21st. what must i do and from where i get the Vietnam visa? Thanks

Sri Lanka name isn't in your nationality list?

Sri Lanka name is not in the country list. Why? We want to travel to Vietnam for summer holiday. Pls advise and assist

vietnam visa code

I am travelling to HCMC from Phnom Penh via land and would like to know the cheapest way of obtaining a visa. I think your site that offers a visa code i can apply for online, then take to a embassy for a stamp or do the same something. Thanks for any useful info on this.

Visa to Vietnam for British citizens

Hi, could you assist me in applying for a Visa to Vietnam? Dates of travel are April 15-22. I'm British. Is it possible to apply online.Many thanks,Richard

Vietnam visa extension for a couple days?

Hi, I'm in Vietnam at the moment. I really want to check out is Sapa on April 12-15. However, my visa expires on the 12th. So what's the best option for extending my visa a couple days?(It doesn't seem worth doing a visa run across the border for only a couple more days). Please help, thanks so much.

Vietnam visa on arrival online

Hi, we are Australian and Spanish. We are going to enter in Vietnam by flying to Hanoi from Taipei . We'll leave by land, off to Laos or Cambodia 2-3 weeks later. Is it possible to apply for the visa online anyway? Thank you,

Can I buy another single entry visa to return to Vietnam

Im a UK citizens. I bought a single entry one month visa to Vietnam and spent 2 weeks there before going to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I would now like to return to Vietnam .Is it possible that I can buy another single entry visa and then go back into Vietnam?

Vietnam visa on arrival from UK

Hi all! I am currently travelling in south east asia and I want to Vietnam for a summer holiday, flying into Hanoi. However, I don't know how I need to apply for a visa to Vietnam? Many thanks

Vietnam visa online for Turkish passport holder living in UK

Dear Sir/Madam Can a Turkish passport holder who is residing in the UK with full permanent UK residency apply online for a visa to Vietnam for business?Kindly confirm before I can fill in the Vietnam visa application form online. Thanks

Are British citizens required a visa to Vietnam

Hi, I'm a British citizen, traveling to Hanoi, by plane. Going down Vietnam and through to Cambodia. Is it best to arrange a visa for Vietnam at the embassy in the uk before i go? Thanks

Transit in Hanoi. Two different companies. Do I need visa?

Hello. I Will get a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi by Jetstar Airways. I Will arrive at 4pm. At 1am next day I have a flight from Hanoi t� Manila by Cebu Airways. Do I need visa? To do the checkin in Cebu company. I dont plan to go outside Airport.

visa in old passport

Good day, I am working in Vietnam, but came to my country, South Africa for holiday and to get a new passport. I am going back to Vietnam soon, but now my valid visa is in my old passport. I have been to the embassy to make sure it would be possible to enter Vietnam with both passports, but no one can give me a straight answer I hope you can help me. thanks