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Single entry visa

I will be visiting Vietnam in October and have visa approval letter for single entry visa upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh. Then I will be going to Cambodia for a tour. When I leave Siem Reap, I will be flying to Ho Chi Minh airport on Vietnam Airlines. I will change to Korean Air for my international flight to US. I will not be leaving the airport, only going to Korean Air for flight. Do I need another visa? What is this new transit visa from the government? THANK-YOU

Do Indian citizens need visa for Vietnam.

I am an indian passport holder and permonent resident of Singapore. Planning to visit Vietnam on business for 2 days.

Can I apply and pay for e-visas for all four of our family members?

My husband and I will be bringing two granddaughters (18-years-old) to Vietnam this summer. Can I apply and pay for e-visas for all four of our family members?

Vietnam visa for Myanmar

Hello, i am myanmar passport holder, do i need tourist visa to visit vietnam for 2 weeks?

Visa for Czech

Hello I'm Czech with Czech passport leaving in Tokyo Japan. Do I need visa for holiday in Vietnam (three days in May 2012). thks for answer.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

Hi there, I am a New Zealander on a New Zealand passport, I am going to Vietnam for a week on holiday, do I need to have a tourist visa?

How long is the visa process on arrival at hanoi Airport

My wife and i will arrive by air at Hanoi Airport. Approximately how long will it take to get our visa (assuming we have your letter to show the authorities) We need to catch a train in hanoi 5 hours after our sceduled arrival

Can I change arrival airport?

Hi! I'm flying to Bangkok and then to vietnam, but I'm not sure where I'm landing (I don't have my ticket yet). Is there a problem if I applied to Hanoi and then I decide to change and fly to Ho Chi Minh? Thank you

Single or Multiple Visa Entry required

Hi, I shall be visiting Vietnam in March and arriving from London to Hanoi. I am going to sepnd 2 weeks travelling around Vietnam before departing and flying into Cambodia for a few days. After that I am due to fly from Cambodia to Hanoi and then Hanoi to London (both flights with Vietnam Airlines). Do I need a multiple visa or as I'll be in transit in the airport will a single entry visa be okay?

Is it necessary to have proof of an exit date?

i heard that you might need proof that you are actually leaving the country when you said so on the application form, is this true? does this mean I have to have a booked exit date, or can I just take it by ear and just be sure to leave when stated?

How many blank passport pages do I need?

Do I need blank pages in my passport for the Vietnam Visa stamp? If so how many? Or how much blank space. I have two passports, one has no remaining free pages (but some half pages). I need to know which I can travel on.

Australian dollars accepted for stamping fee?

When I arrive at the airport at HoChi Minh city, can the $25US dollar payment for stamping visa on arrival be paid in Australian dollars? Do they accept $25 Australian dollars for stamping or do I have to have US dollars? cheers Mal

Visa on arrival for Irish

Hi, I am an Irish citizen and will be flying from Singapore to HCMC next month: will I be able to use the Visa on Arrival service?

For the entry and exit form

For the entry and exit form - it says to fill 2 forms, does that I would need a total of 4 passport photos? or just one for each form for a total of 2?

Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders

Hi, iam an indian nationality staying in singapore, we wish to come for a vacation to hanoi for 3 days, is visa on arrival possible, if so wats the process

Vietnam visa for uk citizens in Thailand

4 UK citizens visiting Thailand in Jan we want to enter Vietnam also can we get tourist visa in thailand for Vietnam all flying from different locations in the world and meeting in Bangkok

Can change the validity of my Vietnam visa on arrival?

Hello My visa has been issued for the period between 21st august to 4th september. Unfortunately, I could only get to Vietnam on 2nd september, which would leave me not much time to enjoy. Is there a way to change the validity of my visa on arrival?

Vietnam visa for green card holders

hi. i would like to if green card holder can apply for this kind of visa or which kind of visa her/him can apply for. thank you.

Visa on arrival to Vietnam for Indian and Spanish citizens

Dear Sir,
I am an Indian citizen with permanent residency in Spain. I want to travel to Vietnam along with two Spanish nationals next month. We dont have time to send the passports to the Vietnamese embassy in Madrid so we need to know the alternative for getting the visas on arrival.any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Late night arrival

Our flight would get in late in the evening, around 10 or 11pm, will there still be someone to take a look at our approved visa and issue us one this late at night? Is there always someone there to stamp our passport?

Visas for South African and Myanmar Passports

Hallo I have read theiforum on Visa on Arrival obtained through certain online websites. But nowhere can I figure out if it applies for South African and Myanmar passport holders. We are travelling in August and landing in Hanoi Thanks Minette

Vietnam Visa on Arrival from UK

Hey I'm hopefully flying to Vietnam next month from the UK and am planning on obtaining a Visa on Arrival when I get to HaNoi and HCMC.What can I do? Thanks for help

Visa On Arrival Hanoi and Siem Reap?

Is Visa on arrival as straight forward as it appears? I'm wondering if there are long lines or potential communications issues? Do you have to come prepared with USD to make payment, or can you do it with AUD? Doing a multiple entry visa via online is the best?

Visa on arrival details

I am flying from Australia to Hanoi in mid-August. The position I am taking up is experiencing paperwork delays so I want to be ready to arrange a visa on arrival in case the visa usual plans, involving my passport travelling round Australia to get a visa, can't be implemented.Thanks for your help.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Hello, Myself and my husband are travelling to Vietnam for 31 days in September and are researching the best way to procure a Visa. We would need a 90 day single travel visa. We want to get our visa on arrival at Ho Chi Min airport.Please help me, thanks.

honeymoon package visakhapatnam

For plan to honeymoon, I am applying a Vietnam Visa upon on arrival. Does the VOA visa also valid for the package visa of Thai Land and Cambodia? Or do I have to apply a separate visa for Thai Land and Cambodia whether I have Vietnam Arrival visa? Does the arrival Visa only valid through airport, not any by the border? as We will be backpacking to vietnamn from Thailand and Cambodia. Thank you!

getting a visa for vietnam

My husband and I are going to be visiting Vietnam as part of a cruise in late September. Can we apply for Visa on arrival for a Port. We will be arriving at Ha Noi on 30th.

vietnam visa on arrival for indian citizens 2013

Do indian citizens still get visa on arrival?

Visa online application form usa

Hi, This email is from USA. I would like to visit Vietnam in October. Thank you for your notice. Would I apply this VISA via and get the visa on arrival? Regards,

Cost for 1 month single tourist visa

Hello, What is your price of a one month tourist visa? Thank you!

Cambodia visa requirements

Hi, My husband and me will be travelling to Vietnam in November and visiting Cambodia,will I need a multiple entry visa or can I get a visa for Cambodia while in Vietnam? Thanks

can I can get the adhesive type visa

Hi, when I arrive by air in HCMC, can I can get the adhesive type visa , not the loose-leaf type, ? I need the adhesive type visa because I will be exiting Vietnam and into Cambodia and Laos by land. I know Lao immigration needs proof of exiting Vietnam. Thanks

pre approval letter for a visa on arrival

Hi, we wanting to get a pre approval letter for a visa on arrival in vietnam. Please help, thanks

Hong Kong to Vietnam by train

We are planning on entering Vietnam from Hong Kong by train. Can we get Vietnam visa on arrival here or we need a visa for land entry by going to the embassy? will we still need an approval letter? Many thanks for your help and advice.

Vietnam visa with 6 month validity

Hi, there, I'm french living in a small village, no Vietnam embassy or consulate. But my wife is Vietnamese with Vietnam pasport, we have just a baby 5 months and my wife 'll stay with him. We are looking for 6 months visa for me and baby.Thanks and Best wishes

Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians

Can I apply for your online service of getting my Vietnam visa? What procedure will I need to pass through?I am a Indian citizens. Thanks in advance

pre-approval letter for visa to vietnam

Do i need a pre-approval letter for visa to vietnam and how do I get a approval letter to enter?

Can I change the validity of my Vietnam visa on arrival?

Hi, Im a USA citizen. My visa has been issued for the period between 14th September to 4th October. But I could only get to Vietnam on 2nd Oct, which would leave me not much time to enjoy. I want to travel around Vietnam country. Can I change the validity of my Vietnam visa on arrival? Thanks

Vietnam visa on arrival

I have read that you can get a visa upon arrival in Vietnam, but I cannot confirm that information on the VN Passport site. Is it better to wait until arrival to get the visa, or is it better to get it ahead of time? We leave on November 7th.

Stamping fee for a Thai national

I'm a British. I had my visa with you. My girl friend is coming with me and she is a Thai national. I have been told that upon my arrival, I have to submit a $25 fee. Dose she have to pay this also?

Vietnam visa for Indians living in Singapore

Hi I would like to apply for a 1 month single entry visa (Visa on arrival) for Vietnam for myself and my family. We are Indian citizens, resident in Singapore. Please can you advise if this is possible and if yes, what is the cost involved? Thanks.

3 month multiple Vietnam visa

To whom ... I will now be arriving in Hanoi on Saturday, 29 March, so please let me know how I can pay for this and receive the approval by Friday, 22 March.I'd like to apply for 3 month multiple entry visa. Thanks in advance,

3 month multiple Vietnam visa on arrival

Hi, I would like to know if 3 months multiple entry visa for Vietnam could be applied as visa on arrival? Do you provide the service? What would it be the finnal price (including the stamp) and how long does it take to get it? Thanks in advanced,

Can I change the arrival port?

Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to change the port of arrival as I had some changes in my schedule. My flight was supposed to be in Saigon, but I want to change it for Hanoi. I already apply online for a Vietnam Visa via your site and got the Visa approval letter already.  It's possible? Thank you

Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians

Hi,I want to get a Visa on arrival to Vietnam from Australia to save money and to save me from sending my passport. I'm going in September but my friend said that I couldn't get a visa on arrival from Australia. Is that true? please help. Thanks