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Vietnam visa for cruise entry

We are traveling from Cambodia to Vietnman by river cruise. Your site only talks about arrival by air or land, but not water. Should we obtain our visa while in the U.S. before starting our river cruise?

Vietnam Visa

Does the 1 month vietnam visa start upon when you enter the country or from the date you specified when you will enter when applying online?

Vietnam visa requirements

hi i want to ask if we need visa going to vietnam im a filipina and my boyfriend is we need visa cos we dont have a return ticket cos after in vietnam we will go to cambodia then thailand please help us.thanks

Airport and land entry

I will enter Vietnam at Hanoi International Airport, whereafter I will travel through Cambodja and then enter Vietnam again by ship at the town of Tan Chau. If I request a multiple entry visa letter that is activated at Hanoi airport, will this be accepted at the Tan Chau border?

Vietnam visa on arrival for business purposes

we need a visa for one of our technicians (UK citizen) for a service in Vietnam. Is it possible to apply online for a visa on arrival for business purposes? Thanks in advance and best regards Maren Lautenschläger

Single-trip or multi-trip visa?

I am going on holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia. On my return journey I have to return to Saigon airport to change aircraft for the onward journey to UK. Do I need a single-trip visa for Vietnam, or do I need a multi-trip visa to include my return flight through Saigon airport?

Vietnam visa for UK citizens

I would like to obtain a VN tourist visa before making flight reservations. Is that possible? Should I visit the VN embassy in Bangkok to apply? Please advise.

Visa to Vietnam

Hi, I will be traveling on business and only staying overnight in Hanoi, would I need to apply for a regular visa before I leave USA or can I apply for a transit when I arrive in Hanoi? Thanks, Young

Can I use the visa approval letter? Do I need a multiple visa

I am going on a cruise to Vietnam. The ship will stop in Hue and Halong bay. Can I use the visa approval letter to land on these 2 ports? Since the ship will stop in those cities in two separate nites, Should I need muliple visas to land on these two places?

1 month multiple entry visa

hi. if i purchase a 1 month multiple entry visa on arrival at HCMC airport and I leave Vietnam to visit Cambodia for a few days returning by a land border crossing, is the visa still valid and is an extra stamping fee required on re-entry?

do I need a visa even if I have a us passport to enter vietnam

Do i need to apply for a Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam even if I have a US passport? I wanted to apply for the Visa but it kept asking me for my exit date which I am not planning to return once I arrive to Vietnam. Please help

Passport Validity Requirement When Getting Vietnam Visa

I want to apply for a business visa for Vietnam, but I notice that the passport expiration date is coming in two weeks. Do I need to renew the passport for getting the visa?

Vietnam Visa for Russians

I am Russian nationality and I understand that I do not need visa to enter Vietnam if stay in Vietnam less than 15 days. However, I am planning to travel to Vietnam in December this year, and I will be crossing border and entering Vietnam by bus coming from Cambodia (via Bavet cross border point). Will it be OK for me to cross border and enter Vietnam at that customs point coming from Cambodia without any visa issue?

Vietnam visa for British passport holders entering via Train

We are British passport holders looking to visit Vietnam in December. We are entering via Train on a tour and so it is my understanding that we are not able to get the online visa is this correct as we will not be entering via airport? If we are unable to apply for an online visa is the easiest thing to come to the embassy as we live in Canberra? If so what do we need to bring. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

Visa for trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

We intend to spend about 3 weeks in Viet Nam and Cambodia in February(2012). We will initially enter and spend a few days in Saigon. If we then take a boat trip from Saigon up the Mekong River to see the ruins at Ankorwaht(sp?) for a few days will we need additional visas or other travel documents to enter Cambodia and return to Viet Nam? We also want to travel to Phu Quoc island for a few days...will this require additional travel documents?

Entry and Exit Forms for Vietnam

Hello, I notice to have visa application approved we must also provide the entry and exit forms completed. Do we receive these forms at the airport or can we access them prior online? Thank you for your help.

1-month multiple e-visa

Hello, I'm a Canadian passport holder who will be flying into Vietnam from Beijing. After which I will go to Cambodia by road and return to Ho Chi Minh by road as well. I plan to apply for the 1-month multiple entry e-visa. Will this be okay? Will it be a problem that I will enter Vietnam the second time by road NOT air?

Get Vietnam visa for US citizens from embassy

I have USA passport. Do i apply visa come to the vietnam embassy in malaysia and get my visa?

Urgent visa to vietnam

I need to go to Viet Nam for a conference in Ha Noi tomorrow. I am USA citizen in Bangkok right now. Is there anyway to get everything done in time? The conference is starts tomorrow and is only 3 days long. I can go to embassy in the morning but will I get it in time?

Visa for those who travel by land

I am booking a holiday tour where i will be visiting four different countries and i will be travelling through Vietnam by car, can you please advise me on the visa that i will require.

How can Indian get tourist visa to vietnam?

Good day Admin,
I am an Indian citizen, presently in Bangkok for holidays, want to apply Vietnam tourist online visa. Can I apply & what documents needed? Pls comment.

Vietnam visa for malaysian

I want to ask, if I travel Vietnam this June, within 10 days, and I’m a Malaysian, shall I proceed a Visa? And how much I should pay? Thanks.

Canadian or Austrailian citizen applying for visa in Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in Hong Kong.

Would Canadian citizen holding Canadian passport or Australian citizen holding Australian passport travelling to Hong Kong and take the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Hue, Danang and Hanoi be able to get visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in Hong Kong? Thanks.

Viet Nam Visa for U.S. citizens

My sons are currently in Bangkok on their way to Laos and then on to Hanoi. Can they get the Viet Nam visa at the Hanoi airport or do they need to get it ahead of their departure from Bangkok?

Pingxiang(Guangxi)/Dong Dang visa run?

Hello! I am an English teacher in China. I am in Beijing now. I will was looking into doing a visa run from Pingxiang to Dong Dang. I know that I will need a Vietnam visa, but is there a way I can apply for one in Pingxiang (apply for one on the China/Vietnam border)? If that is long does it take to get a Vietnam visa? I just want to hop in and hop out for my visa that is all. Would I still need a Vietnam visa for this as well?

Vietnam visa for travelling by land from Laos

We are going from Laos to Vietnam through land. Is the visa application still granted from a border as oppose to an airport? You only specify that you can get it from a Vietnam airport. Please clarify. Thanks.

photo for Vietnam visa

Hi,I am from France.Do I need to submit scanned photos when I apply for a Vietnam visa online? What are the sizes? Thanks

tourist visa application for vietnam

My family wish to travel to Vietnam by road from Cambodia in November.As we are not arriving by air, we cannot apply for the 'visa on arrival' service. We are UK citizens although we are resident in France.Could you tell us the way to apply for Vietnam visas by post - either to France or in UK. Many thanks for your help and advice. Best wishes

Vietnam visa for land entry from China

I found on the web site, there is a way to obtain visa to Vietnam on internet. It is convenient,easy, quick and cheap. Is this the visa to land in Hanoi, Danang, HCMC? if I will be able to use this visa once I will be arriving to Vietnam from China by car? Thanks

Vietnam visa requirements for USA citizens

I am holding valid USA passport and two way plane ticket to Dominican republic and Vietnam for a month stay. What documents,papers or requirements do i still need to present in the immigration? Do I need anything else? Many thanks

Change my visa status usa

Im from USA. Is it possible to change my 30 day single entry visa to a 30 day multiple entry visa? Thank you

Do we need to provide the exact arrival date?

We'll visit to Vietnam at the end of September. Do we need to provide the exact arrival date?

What type of Visa is required?

We are NZ Citizens and will be visiting Nha Trang by ship and then by car the next day to HCMC. What type of visa is required?

visa requirements for bangladeshi citizens

Me and my husband will coming to vietnam for honeymoon but how can that we don't know. Do we need a visa or have visa requirements for bangladeshi citizens?

Which number of days is enough for apply a visa?

We visiting Vietnam at the end of Oct. Which number of days is enough for apply a visa? Can I apply now in your site?

Land entry visa from Lao

Hi, I will be entering Vietnam by land from Lao and leaving Vietnam by plane from DaNang. Which type of visa do I need please?

Visa requirements for mexico cruise

Hi, can you please tell me the visa requirements for mexico cruise?

passport photos size requirements

Hi, Im from California. How many passport photos do I need to bring and passport photos size requirements? Thank you

vietnam visa with less than 6 months left on passport

My friend and I are travelling to vietnam in november and my passport will be just under 6 months remaining on the expiry date. Is it worth getting a new passport beforehand or will i have no trouble getting a visa and getting entry into vietnam?

Applying Vietnam student visa

I am a student from Singapore. I will be pursuing degree course which takes 4 years in University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi. How should i apply for visa? Many thanks

Vietnam visa online for canadians

My mother and I are planning a visit to Vietnam for 13 days from November 3rd to December 15. We are Canadians citizens.Is it possible to have visa through your service and to travel to Vietnam with the certificate from you an to have stamp at the airport on arrival? Many thanks

vietnam visa for german citizens

Hi,Im a german citizens. How long it takes to get a Vietnam visa done?

Vietnam visa for UK visitors

We are going to Vietnam next this month for the first time and entering via Dubai. We understand there is no vise requirement over and above passports - can anyne confirm if they have done similar? Best wishes

Best way to get visa to vietnam from singapore

Hi,I'm in Singapore. Please recommend to me how I can get visa to Vietnam fastest and reasonable price. Thanks in Advance.

how to apply visa to vietnam

Hi, I am a Nigerian, can you tell me how to apply visa to Vietnam? Thanks

Entry and exit form for vietnam

Hello, Im from England. Where can I get the entry and exit form that is required upon arrival at the international airport in Vietnam when getting the visa stamped? Many thanks

Entry and exit form of Vietnam visa

Hello,In the application form for entry and exit Vietnam, what do you mean by" Kind of passport". Thank you!

how long can one stay in Vietnam on a visitor's visa for Vietnam.

how long can one stay in Vietnam on a visitor's visa for Vietnam. Best regards

Visa for Cambodia via land border

Hi, My wife and I are going to Vietnam for 4-6 weeks around the 18th March. We are UK residents but in Oz atm. Get to Bangkok on the 3/3 and then Cambodia on 10/3 and stay for a week. Where do we get our Vietnam Visas from bearing in mind we are arriving in vietnam by land from Cambodia? Can get get one at the border or do we pre arrange, online or just in Bangkok or Cambodia? Thank you in advance!

How to apply a Vietnam visa on arrival for Australians? Is it legitimate?

Hi, we want to spend around 2 weeks in vietnam for our honeymoon from the 23 Apr - 2 May. Is it better to do it through the consulat or online? It's the first time we travel to Vietnam.  I'm worried if Vietnam visa online is legitimate. Also, can you advise how this works as I'm a little concerned. Anyways, we are Australians. Thanks in advance!

visa for vietnam travel

Hi, Can I buy a visa for Vietnam in Thailand then enter Vietnam about a month later? Would the visa still be valid? Thanks

Is Vietnam visa on arrival available for land entry?

I am a U.S. citizen and I will be flying to Bangkok on April 15th. I fly out 2 months later and I will then be traveling overland into Vietnam at some point in those 2 months. So,I would like to get my Vietnam visa now. Can I obtaining a Visa pre-arrival for overland entry into Vietnam? Please help!

When should we apply for a visa to Vietnam

Hi, My friend and  I will be planning to visit Ho Chi Minh around May 27. We don't know exact date yet but will be a few days before or after. Since visa is valid for one month; does it count the day I apply or the day I enter Vietnam?? Also, when should I apply for Vietnam visa? Kindly let me know. thank you.

Vietnam visa for sea entry

I'm planning to travel to Vietnam by cruise sometime around Sep 2013 for 2 weeks. What visa do I need and can i apply online?For your information, I'm Indian.

How to get Chinese tourist visa from vietnam

Hi, Now, I am travelling in Sapa with my gf. However, I was planing on going to china from Vietnam. So if it is possible to get a visa for china from Hanoi? I was originally planning on just taking trains from Hanoi to ShangHai with a transit visa, but if its easy to get a tourist visa for china I might end up staying I a little longer. Thanks for your help.

Saigon - Getting from airport to town

Hi,as we will be arriving late and after a long flight in Saigon: Are there still pre-paid taxi counters in the arrival area? Or what is the best option as the bus is not running at that time? After 20 hours on the plane I am not too keen to end up with a taxi shark...