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3 month multiple entry tourist visa

We want apply for a visa approval letter through your site. We want a three month multiple entry tourist visa but my old friend said Visa service is no such thing as a three month multiple entry tourist visa and we 'll receive visa Approval for business purposes. Is that true and what can we do? Thanks in advance and best regards

  • 21:09:06 09-23-2012
  • Siriwan Saengow
  • Helen Queen support

    Dear Siriwan Saengow,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Yes, your friend is right. All 3-month applications will be automatically noted as " business purpose". However, there will be no difference at all. You can still use the 3 month entry visa to enter Vietnam for tourist purpose. You are not required any supporting documents when getting your visa stamped at the arrival airport. Please do not worry at all.

    Kind regards,
    Helen Queen