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Transit in Hanoi. Two different companies. Do I need visa?

Hello. I Will get a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi by Jetstar Airways. I Will arrive at 4pm. At 1am next day I have a flight from Hanoi t� Manila by Cebu Airways. Do I need visa? To do the checkin in Cebu company. I dont plan to go outside Airport.

  • 12:07:58 07-20-2015
  • Pablo
  • Helen Queen support

    Dear Pablo,

    Thank you for contacting,

    In your case, your flight are on the two different airlines, if they are partnering with each other, your luggage will be transferred from the first to the second one, you do not need to go through the immigration or customs. That means techically you are not entering the country, no visa is required.

    In case they are not partner airlines, you will have to go through immigration or customs to collect and re-check your luggage no matter where you are going on your second airline. If it is the case, you are required a visa for Vietnam eventhough you are not enter the country or even leaving the airport.

    If you are not sure, please double check again with both of your airlines.

    We hope the information is clear and helpful for you.

    Kind regards,


    Kind regards,