Visa-good for how long?

Hello! My first trip to Asia will be in February 2013, I already purchased my flights, I will be arriving in Vietnam February 14 and exiting March 23. I guess I should have inquired on this before purchasing my tickets, but oops! Can someone please tell me if Vietnamese visas are only good for 30 days or is there a way to purchase a visa that will allow me to stay in Vietnam a bit longer? Also, if we decide to spend 1 week in Cambodia will that be a problem getting back into Vietnam? We would probably take a flight to Cambodia from Vietnam. And my last question..what is the best way to apply for a visa and how soon before travel should I apply? Thanks for your help!

  • 03:07:51 07-19-2012
  • Randihanis
  • Helen Queen support

    Dear Randihanis,

    Thank you for your question!

    If you plan to stay in Vietnam longer than 30 days, you can apply for 3 month visa. According to your trip plan, you need to apply for 3 month multiple entry visa.

    The best way for air travelers to get Vietnam visa is applying for Vietnam visa on arrival online thanks to its convenience and cheap price. You can apply for your visa since now. It takes only 2 working days to process your Vietnam visa application

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