Exploring Vietnam

Visa exemption for Vietnamese residents oversea according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I. Forms of Certificate of Visa Exemption The certificate of visa exemption might take the following forms: 1. A stamped certificate: A Vietnam visa  exemption certificate is stamped on the passports of Vietnamese nationals living abroad and foreign nationals to allow their entrance into Vietnam.   2. Detached Certificate: A visa exemption certificate issued to Vietnamese people living abroad under …

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Vietnam – an ideal tourist destinations

Vietnam – A young nation with ancient history and culture of their own, a vibrant economy, hard working  with inherent discipline in their daily lives, abundance of natural beauty – hills, water bodies, rain forests and miles of green fields. The country stretched S -shape with  border China in north, Laos and Cambodia in West and the South China Sea …

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Thing to know – Working in Vietnam

In 2011, the number of registered foreign employees in Vietnam nearly 75,000. Foreigners wishing to work in Vietnam must be at least 18 years old and be healthy enough to satisfy the job requirements. They must be high technical skills or high professional qualifications regarding services and with many experiences may be employed. However, they were not involved in any …

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