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Visa upon Arrival

This is probably the easiest way to obtain your visa without having to chase down Vietnam embassies, consulates and the like prior to your trip. It is a valid alternative when applying for both tourist and business visa. The Entry visa will be stamped on your passport as you pass through Vietnam Immigration Checkpoint. Though valid for thirty- ninety days, …

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Vietnam Visa On Arrival – Need to know

Nowadays, many people want to come to Vietnam for traveling. Most visitors must apply for a Vietnam visa in order to to enter the country. In general, Vietnam visa is inexpensive in comparison to many other countries. The visa fees range between US$75 and US$150 if an application is sent directly to Vietnam Embassy or US$25-55 for getting the visa …

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Vietnam – an ideal tourist destinations

Vietnam – A young nation with ancient history and culture of their own, a vibrant economy, hard working  with inherent discipline in their daily lives, abundance of natural beauty – hills, water bodies, rain forests and miles of green fields. The country stretched S -shape with  border China in north, Laos and Cambodia in West and the South China Sea …

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