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Guide for Foreigners During Lunar New Year

Many foreigners, who once visited Vietnam in the weeklong Tet holidays did have a good time enjoying the country’s cultural charms but at the same time, were confused so much. Everything in this festive week is closed and there are just so many traditions and customs to understand. In order to help all foreigners to celebrate the happiest time of …

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Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Lunar New Year or Tet Nguyen Dan, Tet Ca, Tet Ta or Tet is the most important and biggest festival not only in Vietnam but also to all Asian countries, one of the many traditional Tets and holidays in Vietnam. Tet Nguyen Dan has the origin from the Lunar New Year of Chinese culture that has been influenced by Vietnamese …

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Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet)

The Lunar New Year festival, known as “Tết Nguyên Đán”, “Tết ta” or simply “Tết” in Vietnamese,  is the most important as well as the most widely and heartily celebrated traditional festival in Vietnam. It is the time of joy and delight for children and adults alike and however the circumstances are, the Vietnamese can never neglect to properly keep …

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