Vietnam visa for Indians: huge price cuts.

In the attempt to bring more beneficial prices for our dear customers, is continuing to offer all Indian passport holders great discounts on all types of visa to Vietnam.

Along with this program, we also reduced prices on all business visas for all business visa applicants from 15th of April.

1, Vietnam tourist visas

Tourist visa applicants will enjoy $6 discount on 1-month visas; $11 discount on 3-month visas.

Visa type

Before discount After discount

Urgent service (1 business day)

1 month single

$25 $19

+ $10

1 month multiple

$30 $24

+ $10

3 months single

$50 $39

+ $10

3 months multiple $60 $49

+ $10

2, Vietnam business visas

For business visas, Indian passport holders will enjoy $10 discount for 1-month visas, $20 discount for 3-month visas, 80 discount on 6-month multiple visa and $90 for 1-year visa.

Visa type Processing fee for normal service (5-7 business days) Urgent service (2-3 business days) Stamping fee
1-month single $65 (from $75) + $30 $25
1-month multiple $75 (from $85) + $30 $25
3-month single $95 (from $115) + $30 $50
3-month multiple $105 (from $125) + $30 $50
6-month multiple $259 (from $339) + $30 $95
1-year multiple $409 (from $499) + $30 $135

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For more information on visa process for Indian nationals, please click here. And to know more on our visa fee structure and other extra fee service, please click here.

If you have any concern about getting Vietnam visa, please feel free to contact us at hotline +84 966.53.93.63 or support email:  [email protected] or skype: vietnamvisaeasy.

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