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Vietnam tourist visa cost for Australians

Visa procedure and prices are 2 big concerns when Australians visitors obtain visa for Vietnam. Previously, we already explains steps to get tourist visa for Australian passport holders, so this time we just mention about Vietnam tourist visa cost for Australians.

Note:the fee structure below is applicable for people traveling by air and collect visa on arrival. If you’re interested in the price of getting visa at embassy, please contact directly with Vietnam Embassy in Australia. Here is phone number of consular section02.6286 8465 or 02.6286 5660 (Direct Line) or 02.6286 6059 (EXT: 101/ 102)

Every Australian getting tourist visa upon arrival must undergo 2 processes including:

Online process: apply online for approval from Immigration Department through a travel agent (we are one of the agents providing visa approval service). If you refuse to obtain approval in advance, the airlines won’t let you board the plane and there is no visa available for you on arrival. (Processing fee is required)
On-arrival process: obtain visa stamp using approval. (Stamping fee is required).

In short, you have to pay processing fee and stamping fee for the tourist visa on arrival. The processing fee is charged by agent for arranging the approval, and stamping fee is paid to the officer at arrival airport. The processing fee might be slightly different from agent to agent but stamping fee is always the same (USD 25 for single entry and USD 50 for multiple entry). Please keep in mind that the stamping fee must be paid by CASH, either in US. Dollar or VN dong.

The following is our charges for each type of tourist visa for Australian citizens on regular basis (48 business hours):

Visa type

Processing fee (USD/pax)

1-2 pax

3-5 pax

6-9 pax

10 pax

1 month single





1 month multiple





3 months single





3 months multiple





Price for same-day visa service is as follows:

• 08-business hours processing: pay an extra charge of USD 10 of regular basis
• 04-business hours processing: pay an extra charge of USD 20 of regular basis
• 01-business hour processing: is particularly available for 1 month single at cost of USD 85/pax.

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Example: If you select 04-hours service for 01 month single visa for one person, the processing fee is USD 36. Upon arrival, you have to pay USD 25 stamping fee. So the total fee is USD 61.

Payment methods: The most common way is to pay with credit/debit card. Or you can send money via bank or Western Union. However, we recommend the credit payment as you will enjoy buyer protection policy of transaction processing money.

Hopefully, our information about cost of Vietnam tourist visa for Australian citizens is clear and helpful to you. Please feel free to get in touch with us when you need any assistance.

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