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Get 1 month Vietnam visa for Ghanaian citizens

Ghanaian citizens must obtain a visa to visit Vietnam as a visitor. Because a visa can take 7 business days to process, you should file application well in advance of your scheduled travel dates. You may be wondering where to apply for the visa while there is no Vietnam Embassy located in Ghana. That’s good question! In fact, that the embassy is not established in Vietnam doesn’t make any changes since they are not helpful at all. The embassies will NEVER grant the visa UNLESS you show an approval of Vietnamese immigration.  So the most important step is getting approval, which can be arranged through agencies. We are an agency and of course, we are capable of obtaining the approval for you. Keep reading to see how we can help you get visa for Vietnam from Ghana.

Update on October 28th, 2019: Vietnam immigration department has stopped issuing tourist visa to the Ghanians. A business sponsor is required for business visa application.

Important note:

With the approval provided from us, you are able to board plane and pick up visa stamp later on arrival. However, some airlines worry that you may use the fake letter to travel so they do not accept you get on board with only approval. For this reason, it’s very important to confirm with the airline about this issue before you proceed with application. If your airlines do not accept the approval, we will provide you with a special approval to get visa stamp at the NEAREST embassy of Vietnam in neighboring countries.

Start application

Remember that we do not need any other documents from you except for PASSPORT COPY and EXPECTED TRAVEL DATE. For those who are requested to obtain full visa stamp before departure, please provide address of Vietnam embassy at which you want to pick up visa stamp in the application. Every application must be sent to our email [email protected].

On the same day of application, you will receive a reply from us with a payment link. If you don’t have a credit or debit card to pay the fee online, Western Union and bank transfer are two other alternative options that you should take into consideration.

Please keep in mind that the only type of Vietnam visa for Ghanaian visitors to opt for is single entry tourist visa valid for 1 month. You are permitted to visit Vietnam ANYTIME during period of 1 month visa validity but MUST LEAVE by the last day of visa.

Get visa approval

The approval is usually sent via email along with an entry-exit form after 7 business days (excluding weekend and national holiday). The letter will show your name, passport number, date of birth and length of stay. It’s advisable to check accuracy of the letter. If there is any error with it, kindly report us at once for assistance.

For instructions to fill out the entry-exit form, please kindly refer to this page.

Get visa stamp

1.  On arrival

Every international airport in Vietnam sets up a Visa on arrival counter. At Ho Chi Minh City airport, it is situated at the far end on the left of immigration hall. At Hanoi airport, the counter is situated opposite the immigration posts. When you approach the counter, join the queue and be ready to submit valid passport, approval, 01 passport-sized photo, completed entry-exit form. Once the visa is ready, the officer will call your name to receive the passport back. A small stamping fee will be required for the visa stamp.

2.  At embassy

The stamping procedure at embassy is similar to that at airport. You are required to show approval, passport, 01 passport photo, entry-exit form. Please be aware that the embassy will request some fee to grant the visa for you. Which means you will have to pay stamping fee and service fee to embassy. The service fee is between USD 100 and USD 200.

Visa fee

Please kindly use the pricing table below to calculate the total price for getting your visa to Vietnam in Ghana.

Approval fee

(paid to Vietnam Visa Easy)

Stamping fee (cash only)

(Paid at airport/embassy)

Service fee

(required by embassy)

USD 135

USD 25

USD 100 - USD 200


In summary, if you pick up visa at arrival airport, the total fee you have to pay is USD 160 including USD 135 for approval and USD 25 for visa stamp. If you are supposed to get visa at embassy, the total price would be USD 135+USD25+service fee.

For any questions about the Vietnam visa for African nationals, please leave at our comment box below or contact us by phone, email, skype, whatsapp,… Our staff will give you a reply in a very short time. 

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