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Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam visa at embassy


First of all, we have to confirm that collecting Vietnamese visa at embassy or at the airport is legitimate. The first difference between them is application. While Vietnam Embassy/Consulate requires applicants to submit visa application in person or by email, Vietnam visa on arrival allows the applicants to register for visa online. Therefore, the foreigners can apply wherever they are, from home, company, in the country or abroad.

Secondly, visa upon arrival is applicable for air travellers only and Vietnam visa from embassy is available for all ports of entry. However, the visa process at the embassy is relatively complicated. 

Regarding the processing time, visa on arrival is normally completed 2 working days only. In case of emergency, it could be done after 1 working day (urgent service) or 4 working hours (super-urgent service). Compared to 3-5 working days for the process at the embassy, this processing time is super-fast.

Last but not least, those who apply for visa online will have to pay the fee with credit/debit card and those applying at the embassy must pay the fees in cash at the embassy.Additionally, the cost to collect Vietnamese visa at the airport of arrival is lower.

So, what is your answer? If you can not make up your mind, we advise you to choose visa on arrival if entering our country by air (time, money and energy savings) and choose  visa Vietnam from embassy for land/sea entry.


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