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Visa for Vietnam for European citizens

visa for vietnam for european citizens

With the exception of few nations that are granted Vietnam visa exclusion, the vast majority of nations in Europe need to obtain a visa before entering Vietnam. Getting Vietnam Visa for EU Citizens is a matter of seconds. The Immigration Department offers 2 methods to get a visa for Vietnam for European residents. Here are the two ways you can use to get Visa for Vietnam for EU citizens:

1. Vietnam Embassy 

You can apply for Vietnam Visa from any of Vietnam embassies/consulates in your country. You can go there or simply apply by post as well. The things you need to send while applying for visa to Vietnam for EU citizens include:

- An international passport with at least 30 days of validity before the visa expiration date. If your passport has no space left for visa sticker then a loose-leaf visa will be issued.

- A completed application form with a passport size photo on it. The form is available for download at official site of embassies. In the case of photo, it should be taken within the last 06 months and against white background.

- If you have applied for visa by post, don't forget to enclose a prepaid return envelope.

- Visa fee (in real money, cash arrange or bank check) is various from embassy to embassy and determined by number of entry, length of stay. The visa fee for children and adults are the same.

- In the case of business visa, the application must include an authorization letter by sponsor or partner in Vietnam.

- The standard time to process a Vietnam visa application is around 3-5 days. Once you have obtained the visa, please double check that your personal details and entry date are correct. If there is any mistake, please contact the embassy for correction. If the fault is on your part, embassy will not be responsible for it and you will have to pay additional fee for correction in this case.

Visit here to see address of Vietnam Embassies in over the world.

2. Vietnam Visa on Arrival

If you wish the Visa for Vietnam for EU citizens to be processed in the shortest time possible with low cost, then On Arrival Visa for Vietnam is the best option. Be aware of that On Arrival Visa is only helpful when you travel by air. There’s no use applying for Visa On Arrival for overland crossing.

How it works?

Contrary to usual belief, the European citizens cannot simply go to airport and receive the visa for Vietnam. An online application must be made in advance for getting visa approval letter. These two steps below will show you how to apply for the letter of approval:

- Click 'Apply ONLINE' and complete the application form. Remember to double check for error of details in the form before submitting.

- Pay Visa Processing Fee online using credit or debit card. We offer several payment options including OnePay, PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. Select the one that is easiest for you.

After 2 business days after your application, you will receive a visa approval letter via email. For emergency case, you may request our Rush Visa Service for same day delivery of letter.  Please check the spam folder if you do not find the emails in the inbox. Again, spend some minutes to review your information in the letter. Don’t be afraid when you see information of other people as we sometimes put applications into groups when so many customers applying on the same day.  If you are not comfortable with this, please request separate letter while applying for the visa. No extra cost is required.

On arrival

The letter of approval can be used at any of Vietnam international airports. It doesn’t matter when you change the port of entry at last minute; the visa is still ready for use when you arrive in the airport. The documents required for stamping process involve:

• Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
• Entry-exit form attached with 01 passport photo (download the form here)
• Visa approval
• Stamping fee (paid in cash): 45 USD for single visas. 65 USD for 1 month multiple visa, 95 USD for 3 months multiple visa. Only U.S dollar and VN dong are accepted.

The stamping process may be unexpectedly slow as lots of people collecting the visa at airport sometime. You have to queue up and wait for your turn.  If you hate doing that, it’s advisable to use stamping assistance service to be supported. Our staff at airport will collect you and complete the procedure on your behalf. You have to do nothing but receive the visa stamp from him after a few minutes. Once issued, the visa on arrival has the same validity as traditional visa.  It can be extended and can be used for overland crossing.

Please share the article if you find it interesting and helpful to you. For any concerns about visa to Vietnam for European citizens, please send email to or contact us via skype: vietnamvisaeasy. You may also call on hotline +84 966 53 93 63  for direct assistance. 

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