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Easy Vietnam visa from Australia

I'll visit to Vietnam with my wife on January 21st. what must i do and from where i get the Vietnam visa? Thanks

Vietnam visa for japanese citizens

Hi,we are planning to visit Vietnam for Tet holiday, can we still apply for an online Vietnam visa or what is the best way to obtain Vietnam visa? We are Japanes citizens. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Entry and exit form for vietnam

Hello, Im from England. Where can I get the entry and exit form that is required upon arrival at the international airport in Vietnam when getting the visa stamped? Many thanks

how to apply visa to vietnam

Hi, I am a Nigerian, can you tell me how to apply visa to Vietnam? Thanks

Vietnam tourist visa single entry for UK

Hi,do we only need a single-entry visa if we are flying throughout Vietnam to different cities without leaving the country? We are UK citizens. Thanks

Best way to get visa to vietnam from singapore

Hi,I'm in Singapore. Please recommend to me how I can get visa to Vietnam fastest and reasonable price. Thanks in Advance.

How to get a visa faster?

We will be arriving overland, from Thailand. How to get a visa faster?

Vietnam visa online for canadians

My mother and I are planning a visit to Vietnam for 13 days from November 3rd to December 15. We are Canadians citizens.Is it possible to have visa through your service and to travel to Vietnam with the certificate from you an to have stamp at the airport on arrival? Many thanks

Vietnam visa for UK visitors

We are going to Vietnam next this month for the first time and entering via Dubai. We understand there is no vise requirement over and above passports - can anyne confirm if they have done similar? Best wishes

vietnam visa for german citizens

Hi,Im a german citizens. How long it takes to get a Vietnam visa done?