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Hello Hien Giercke here and welcome to this episode from Vietnam Visa Easy. And this episode is absolutely about the ongoing contagious virus CORONA that has brought down a big city in China, Korea and now spreading crazily in some European countries. 

What about here in Vietnam. Well, there are so far 66 cases positive to Coronavirus in which 16 have recovered. 

I personally think the Vietnamese government has been doing a very good job controlling the situation with well-received propaganda like handwash dance which is going viral on social media. And wearing masks at public places all the time, either you’re Vietnamese or visitors to Vietnam. 

There are lots of arguments going on in social groups lately bout this stuff. Some believe that wearing masks is solely for the ones who have had the virus, and wearing masks do not protect you from getting the virus. While the others think just damn put that thing on your face all the time! Well, I am not gonna waste my time here to state the side I am on but just to say “please!!! Just put that thing on your face anyway as the new law has just come into effect since Mar. 16 by the government this year that whoever you are, you must wear masks at public places if you don’t wanna be fined”.

After all of those, is Vietnam still a good destination to visit? 

Oh of course yes! With beautiful beaches, heroic mountainous provinces you’ve ever seen and typical unique culture you’ve ever experienced here. And we do not fight over toilet papers! Seriously, I did ask around on Facebook groups and most of them said they just copy the act from the others. Well, we can fix that here. Have you ever seen or heard about bumguns???? We’ve got those almost everywhere. So don’t even worry about fights over those roles of papers here!

So Vietnam is a very good destination to travel to. The thing is I am afraid you’re not allowed to though since Mar. 18, 2020. That is the newest visa regulation so far. 

Vietnam has stopped issuing new visas to all foreigners in an effort to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus since March 18, 2020. The restriction applies to arrivals from literally the rest of the world, except for those who are eligible for visa waivers, including overseas Vietnamese and those who have to enter the country for special matters, like experts and highly-skilled workers. Before March 21, this group of people needed a document proving they are free of coronavirus to be able to enter the country. However, after March 21, this document is no longer acceptable. All of them must be quarantined for 14 days. Diplomats or people entering the country for government business must be quarantined at the diplomatic offices or at places of accommodation under the supervision of the local authorities. Before then, they need to have temperature checked and fill in the form of the medical report at the airport.

And when can you can travel to the country again? – Well, there is actually nothing said about this though. It might all depend on how the Coronavirus situation!

Anyway, keep washing your hands properly, use masks while being in Vietnam, get used to bumguns and wait for a better day without corona to travel free! 

I need to go wash my hands now, any questions or recommendations, please feel free to drop them in the comment or send us an email to We are always willing to respond.

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