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Quang Nam to prioritise vaccination of tourism workers

Quang Nam authorities have decided to implement comprehensive safety protocols to ensure the safe return of tourism in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan prioritizes the vaccination of tourism sector workers.  The vaccination campaign for nearly 20,000 workers is scheduled to be completed in August 2021, said Nguyen Thanh Hong, Director of Quang Nam Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism. At …

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CAN YOU TRAVEL TO VIETNAM NOW? IF NOT, THEN WHEN? (VIDEO VERSION) Writing version: Hello Hien Giercke here and welcome to this episode from Vietnam Visa Easy. And this episode is absolutely about the ongoing contagious virus CORONA that has brought down a big city in China, Korea and now spreading crazily in some European countries.  What about here in …

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Top 1 Trending #ApologizeToVietnam and The Story of 20 South Korean Tourists

20 Tourists isolated in Da Nang, Vietnam provide misleading information

After an interview of 20 Korean Tourists isolated in Da Nang, Vietnam was published on Korean Media Channel – YTN News, Vietnamese Netizens have blown up on Twitter with hashtags #AppologizeToVietnam and #BanhMi which are now on the Korean and Worldwide top trending. “Stop and apologize to Vietnam. We have served you with generosity and kindness. If you are not satisfied, …

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Updates about Vietnam Visa Entry in the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, the Ministry of Foreign Affair has announced travelling restrictions for citizens from South Korea, Italy and Japan. According to the officials, Vietnam has postponed providing visa for South Koreans since the 26th of February, while citizens from Italy and Japan are still able to apply for visas. Passport holders from these countries with a …

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Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Update: Is Vietnam Safe to Travel?

16/16 patients infected with the new Coronavirus Covid are recovered and released from hospitals

For international tourists who are still wondering whether Vietnam is a safe country to travel during Coronavirus Outbreak or not? The answer is YES! As Coronavirus is vulnerable to high temperatures, the weather warming up across Vietnam is a good condition to slow down or even prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. Since 13 February 2020, there has been …

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