Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Ha Long bay enters top 10 most impressive coastlines on planet

Huffington Post, a popular American online  magazine has published the list of top 10 most impressive coastlines on planet including Ha Long bay, Vietnam.

The other destinations of the list are: Twelve Apostles (Australia), Legzira (Maroc), Cap Blanc (Mauritania), Los Gigantes (Spain), Moher cliff (Ireland), Cape Town (South Africa), Lofoten archipelago (Na Uy), Krabi (Thái Lan), Amalfi (Italy).

In the introduction, Huffington Post described Ha Long bay as one of World’s Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO with thousands of strange-looking islands rising from calm blue sea. Ha Long is also famous for countless caves with stunning stalactites and wild animals.

As a UNESCO Natural Heritage, Ha Long Bay is really a must-visit attraction in the world. Reward yourself a holiday in Ha Long Bay and you will never regret it.

By Fiona

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