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Mang Den eco-tourism area in Kon Tum

Referred to as “Dalat in Kontum”, Mang Den eco-tourism area has been becoming favorite destination of many tourists. Situated at over 1,000 m above sea level, Mang Den owns a lot of beautiful landscapes, year-round cool climate, 20 degree below average temperature, surroundings are primitive forests and a large ancient pine forest along National Highway No.24 with 80% forest cover.

At present, Mang Den national eco-tourism area has established and put into operation the projects on eco-tourism, resort, cold water fish feeding, cool-climate flowers and vegetables planting. Specially, the project on feeding acipenser, commercial salmon has been implemented successfully. Mang Den ecotourism area was listed one of Vietnam’s important tourism areas by government. The eco-tourism area is in process of completing tourism infrastructure to satisfy requirement of social economic and tourism development. The tourism products and services at eco-tourism area are very abundant with resort tour, festival and culture tours, history of ethnic minorities in Central Highlands, health care service, conservation and restoration of material and immaterial cultural heritages of ethnic minorities , construction of biological research, entertaining service associated with sightseeing…

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